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  1. Joostagram

    bruuuuuuuh i remember u

    bruuuuuuuh i remember u
  2. Joostagram


    Denied, locked
  3. Joostagram

    Creative Reset!

    Yes :)
  4. Joostagram

    Mute Appeal

    You were muted for using gay as a derogatory way. Wait it out, locked.
  5. Joostagram

    So this happend

    Locked, issue resolved
  6. Joostagram

    prison 60% reset

    One of our dev will be changed the % Locked
  7. Joostagram


    Denied, insufficient evidence Locked
  8. Joostagram

    How NOT To End Up Like Me

    Locking, don't post threads like these in the future please.
  9. Joostagram

    So this happend

    do /iinfo (with 2 i) while holding the blaze rod and check if you've put the correct item ID, hope it helped gamer
  10. Joostagram

    Prison pouch

    actually locking
  11. Joostagram


    Denied, please upload a full screen screenshot
  12. Joostagram

    mute appeal

    Wait it out. locked
  13. Joostagram

    Mute appeal

    Try now. Locked
  14. Joostagram

    Prisons faq paper

    Big bold red text though.
  15. Joostagram

    Prisons faq paper

    Not sure how you mistake a paper with an unbreaking book. 🤔
  16. Joostagram

    Creative Nazi flag

    Use the correct format, don’t even know who you’re reporting. Locked.
  17. Joostagram

    Creative Reset!

    YES elijah will never die
  18. Joostagram


    Accepted, locked
  19. Joostagram


    upload it on youtube please locked
  20. Joostagram

    Muted in the server king for speaking chinese

    And you got banned for calling someone a very rude word, not because you spoke chinese