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  1. Sombu

    I prefer bandicam, always have >;c

    I prefer bandicam, always have >;c
  2. Sombu

    Mal hacks

    zSom Taverous mal hacks
  3. Sombu

    targ dis

    zSom EBoyFaint Targ dis
  4. Sombu

    Compliment threadu~

    Ly2 <3
  5. Sombu


    Sombu#1647 NickThe Gamer911 on YT#7062 copypastas
  6. Sombu

    Someone to talk to~

    Ahh you bean! I'm glad you've come back to Skycade, even if I didn't know you much beforehand !
  7. Sombu

    Compliment threadu~

    Ah! I didn't expect so many mentions! >~< @TessieBear76 Dry noodle bean! You're super kind and ily! @AidenLikesPancakes massive qt @Sara7645 shorty! ily @AstroStqr✧ biggest qt, ievis loves you, Idk how you put up with me at all @Bubble1118 probably like my best friend, stuck with me through so...
  8. Sombu

    Creative Server Oof

    the GUI's for GoBrush and GoPaint are very self explanatory to understand. - Feather = GoPaint - Flint = GoBrush If you need an in-depth tutorial on how the different brushes in them are used, I believe GeminiTay on youtube has a tutorial on them, they might help you.
  9. Sombu

    I got a 100 killstreak in kitpvp

    not bad! My highest is 32, but i dont pvp anymore haha
  10. Sombu

    Early season thoughts.

    I like how this season requires more effort on the players end, grinding etc rather than everything being auto.
  11. Sombu

    No u!!!!

    No u!!!!
  12. Sombu


  13. Sombu

    My Experience + Banishment Explained

    Man, you spent your time on that server attention seeking and guilt tripping others, you dug yourself into this hole.
  14. Sombu


    zSom Clam_ caps
  15. Sombu


    Flqws offender: ioloblewup bypass
  16. Sombu

    no u grr

    no u grr
  17. Sombu


    (reporting for friend) Song#5615 Offender: Lancorz#4034 Dm ads
  18. Sombu

    Skyblock Recruitment

    zSom BST Sombu#1647 I'm not comfortable saying my alts publicly, message me about them :) I had played some skyblock in January I joined Skycade in august 2018 I can bring fun activities to keep us motivated I can AFK, yes Building: 7/10? Farms: 4/10
  19. Sombu

    no u

    no u
  20. Sombu