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  1. Xechro

    Good idea?

    yeah so uhm what would it consist of
  2. Xechro

    I am the best confirmed

    thanos in minecraf
  3. Xechro

    The Skycade Podcast Is NOT Over!

    our lord and saviour, aidenlikespancakes.
  4. Xechro

    Help Subforums

    bruh i think you all have iqs in the single digits. @AstroStqr✧ @Materializing
  5. Xechro

    Factions Territory Bug

    literally just place after it shows up, it never does it twice in a row.
  6. Xechro


    Edit: after reading every single reply to this thread it seems to me that this is less of a "fix skycade" thread and more of a "Bcof is unable to do anything" thread. So I just wanna say that Bcof is a very good staff member who iirc has yet to make any major mistakes so don't go round insulting...
  7. Xechro

    NEW SONG!?!?!

    dear lord
  8. Xechro

    Unban Aiden

    This thread does put a smile on my face
  9. Xechro

    Unban Aiden

    can someone enlighten me on what hideous crime aiden committed.
  10. Xechro

    Skycade Weekly [Week 54]

    fixed interview formatting and other large gaps (had to do it inna rush on mobile so sorry)
  11. Xechro

    Can't Buy Emerald Rank

    I just tried it and it worked fine for me until the part where you enter payment details (which i obviously didn't do) at which point did it not work for you? Had you already put your payment details in?
  12. Xechro

    Why faking evidence is easy

    ok then fair enough otherwise it looks pretty realistic.
  13. Xechro

    Photo Competion

    a) the rewards are far to high b) do you mean irl?!? That'd be soooo easy to steal photos c) if you do mean irl that's got nothing to do with Skycade?
  14. Xechro

    Why faking evidence is easy

    The "y" in kys is ever so slightly outside the chatbox so that's how you can tell it's fake (well it looks to me like it's outside the chatbox maybe I'm blind idk) edit: i highlighted what i mean
  15. Xechro


    smp drama is always amusing to watch from the sidelines.
  16. Xechro


  17. Xechro

    ha lol i start on sep 4 heccing losers L

    ha lol i start on sep 4 heccing losers L
  18. Xechro

    crop hoppers bug or limit

    yeah there's a limit i can't remember what it is but it's been there for a couple of seasons now.
  19. Xechro

    The holy 3 skyblock issues

    pretty sure if you're above 18 you can dm WelshAlex to apply for Developer
  20. Xechro


    tl;dr for what the bts stan 2 post above me said you can gain coins/kits from: -killing -assists -events -buying kit keys on store -high ks