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  1. HugoDoesStuff


    Oh sure! Give me any pos/mood you want haha :D
  2. HugoDoesStuff


    Is this closed? Aww wanted to get in :(
  3. HugoDoesStuff

    GG on the Spelling

    blame @Iresx :)
  4. HugoDoesStuff

    Creative Reset!

    https://creative.skycade.net :D
  5. HugoDoesStuff

    How to use the Armor Stand Editor (Creative)

    _____________________________________________ Hello everyone! This thread is guide for the Armor Stand Editor! (skycade creative) _____________________________________________ What is the Armor Stand Editor? The Armor Stand Editor enables you to create poses, scenes, holograms, and much more...
  6. HugoDoesStuff

    Creative plot recovery service [unofficial]

    ------------------------- FORMS CLOSED Thanks for applying! I will now be closing the apply forms to deal with all the wonderful builds to save! -------------------------
  7. HugoDoesStuff

    Doing Stupid Stuff (DSS) Post #1

    how do you even fake killaura
  8. HugoDoesStuff

    Creative plot recovery service [unofficial]

    IMPORTANT!!!!!!!! I will be closing the application form tomorrow (20th July) at 12:00 PM - BST so I can properly save everyone's plot and deliver them all in time! If you still want to save your plot please do it now or ASAP!!!
  9. HugoDoesStuff

    Creative plot recovery service [unofficial]

    Will be taking a look soon!
  10. HugoDoesStuff

    Creative plot recovery service [unofficial]

    Leave your forums name instead of your discord name in the form and I'll happily deliver the schems to you via forums DM's :D Nahh all free <3
  11. HugoDoesStuff

    Creative Reset!

    /plot merge ;) Hey guys! If you are unsure on how to save and recover your plots, check this out! https://skycade.net/threads/creative-plot-recovery-service-unofficial.27715/
  12. HugoDoesStuff

    Creative plot recovery service [unofficial]

    _______________________________ Hey everyone! Confused on how to save your creative plot? No worries! I've noticed a lot of you don't really know how to save your plots and/or not very familiar with world edit schematics. So for these people, I decided to create a plot saving service...
  13. HugoDoesStuff

    Hello Skycade Forums!

    Heya welcome to skycade!
  14. HugoDoesStuff

    happy birthday :D

    happy birthday :D
  15. HugoDoesStuff

    June CREATIVE Build Competition

    me likey
  16. HugoDoesStuff

    Off On An Adventure(?)

    Sad to see you go :cry: Hope to see you again soon! ;(
  17. HugoDoesStuff


    uhhh would it be possible to elaborate on the idea a bit more...?
  18. HugoDoesStuff

    kitpvp bug

    Is anyone else getting this?
  19. HugoDoesStuff

    Prisons Reset + OVERHAUL!

  20. HugoDoesStuff

    OSMS Voting Result and Future

    ign: HugoDoesStuff Vote: rk0660