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  1. PainfulDemise


    My IGN: ContactDemise Offender's IGN: @NIGHTWING#0827 Offence: copypastas Evidence:
  2. PainfulDemise

    KitPvP leaderboard system

    yea agreed
  3. PainfulDemise

    Jack.. again

    My IGN: ContactDemise Offender's IGN: JackSucksAtMC Offence: Hacking on kitpvp... again Evidence: its jack i dont think i need evidence please ban him xd
  4. PainfulDemise


    My Ign: ContactDemise Offenders: 1plus1egale2 offence: racism evidence:
  5. PainfulDemise

    Inapp skin

    My IGN: ContactDemise Offender's IGN: fatherthug Offence: Inappropriate skin Evidence: https://namemc.com/profile/fatherthug.1
  6. PainfulDemise

    KitPvP leaderboard system

    well depending on the ban reason yea
  7. PainfulDemise

    How to be a skycade minimod.

    Hello! :) All these are very true! :D Sincerely Demise!
  8. PainfulDemise


    matt is right, and jack was on smp earlier :P
  9. PainfulDemise

    KitPvP leaderboard system

    on kitpvp the leaderboards are abit messed up, as 3 of them have been banned for cheating. i believe its unfair that they are on the leaderboard the people who are 11-13 an unfair advantage. what i just said may not make sense, i didnt know how to word it properly.
  10. PainfulDemise


    the /report cooldown is actually very long, there are usually quite alot of hackers on servers like factions and kitpvp, but you cant always /report because of this cooldown, can it be lowered?
  11. PainfulDemise

    Inappropriate skin

    My IGN: TTL_Demise Offender's IGN: xxitsyaboi123xx Offence: Inappropriate skin Evidence: https://namemc.com/profile/XXITSYABOI123XX.1
  12. PainfulDemise


    u have a point, what would ya like to know XD
  13. PainfulDemise


    Hi im not new, been playing for 2 years and well yea just reintroducing myself Im TTL_Demise
  14. PainfulDemise

    Mr.ham man bring me a ham. Make it the most glazed ham I’ve ever seen. Give it a gloss and glaze...

    Mr.ham man bring me a ham. Make it the most glazed ham I’ve ever seen. Give it a gloss and glaze it over and over. Then cook it at 325’F. Place on a rack in a shallow roasting pan and cook until internal temperature reaches 160’F
  15. PainfulDemise


    My IGN: TTL_Demise Offender's IGN: MalgorR Offence: Disrespect Evidence:
  16. PainfulDemise

    uh yea

    My IGN: TTL_Demise Offender's IGN: ArtursK Offence: Spam, idk how to explain properly Evidence:
  17. PainfulDemise


    So spoilers and joke spoilers can result in a ban, this is shown on the skycade discord, however it isnt shown on the forums (anywhere) i believe this should be added to the forums as most people do check forums for rules 👍
  18. PainfulDemise

    Hey lads

    welcome to the forums :D
  19. PainfulDemise

    hello im new

    welcome to skycade
  20. PainfulDemise

    Kitpvp changes more than the weather