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  1. AydenRocks56

    /vote not working

    Your IGN: YT_AydenRocks56 Where is the bug happening? (Factions, Skyblock, Discord, etc.): Creative Brief description of the bug: When I vote on Creative, it will not give me my 1h World Edit Describe how to do the bug: /vote then vote, but won't reward me with 1h World Edit Video/photo...
  2. AydenRocks56

    Cannot Join Creative

    It will not let me join creative on Skycade, I even tried rejoining. It sends me back to hub. I am on 1.8.9 Please help.
  3. AydenRocks56


    Okay Thanks! Sincerely, AydenRocks56
  4. AydenRocks56


    Hello, I was trying to go to Factions from Spawn but it kept bringing me back. I Don't Know if Factions is down but please fix this bug. Sincerely, AydenRocks56