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  1. Rosemary

    Quitting thread

    eek idk how to write things Okayso I'm quitting, not for any particular reason from the server I've just been less happy and I need to focus on real life more. It's been lovely though, I've been here for over a year and a half and I've met many magical and some scary people c: I really hope the...
  2. Rosemary

    a hacker was spotted

    Offender's IGN: bivh My IGN: GhostRosemary Evidence: Offence: Hacking(antikb and stuff) thankyou <3
  3. Rosemary


    IGN: SnoweyRoseMary Offender's IGN: x__Infinity__x Evidence: Offence: KA Hacking :3
  4. Rosemary

    MinorDudle - AntiKB

    IGN: SnoweyRoseMary Offender's IGN: MinorDudle Evidence: Offence: Sorry for extremely short evidence, he logged off :c AntiKB hacking though <3
  5. Rosemary

    DieuRico - KillAura

    IGN: SnoweyRoseMary Offender's IGN: DieuRico Evidence: Offense: Killaura hacking uwu
  6. Rosemary

    Dictionaireuhh -Bhop,KA

    IGN: WinterRoseMary Offender's IGN: Dictionaireuhh Offence: KA and Bhop Hacking (This evidence is from yesterday btw I recorded then forgot to upload) Evidence: <3
  7. Rosemary

    HomieSquidward - AntiKB

    Offender's IGN: HomieSquidward IGN: AutumnRoseMary Offence: AntiKB Hacking Evidence:
  8. Rosemary

    My friend can't access Polar Bear pet

    Okay so my fren/waifu WhatMegan is unable to access polar bear pet after purchasing it twice. She doesn't have a forums account so she asked me to report this for her owo Here's proof that she bought it (so there was announcement) : And here's proof that she can't seem to access it:
  9. Rosemary

    kravjokozofukas - KillAura

    IGN: AutumnRoseMary Offender's IGN: kravjokozofukas (sounds like a flipping wizard spell xD) Offence: KA Hacking Evidence:
  10. Rosemary

    REDDUB77 - KillAura

    IGN: AutumnRoseMary Offender's IGN: REDDUB77 (And Thesii) Offence: KillAura hacking, Thesii was already reported but there's evidence for them as well as Reddub Evidence:
  11. Rosemary

    Fel_203 - KillAura

    IGN: AutumnRoseMary Offender's IGN: Fel_203 Offence: KillAura Evidence:
  12. Rosemary

    Sarge28 - KillAura

    IGN: AutumnRoseMary Offender's IGN: Sarge28 Offence: Killaura hacks Evidence:
  13. Rosemary

    RandoZelein - KillAura

    IGN: AutumnRoseMary Offender's IGN: RandoZelein Offence: KillAura Hacking Evidence:
  14. Rosemary

    Zeldernn - Hacking

    IGN: WinterRoseMary Offender's IGN: Zeldernn Offence: Some type of hacking I'm not 100% sure what it is (so if you know what it is could you tell me?) Evidence:
  15. Rosemary

    0LES3N - Anti KnockBack

    IGN: WinterRoseMary Offender's IGN: 0LES3N Offence: AntiKB Hacks Evidence:
  16. Rosemary

    Nutt_Ladd - KillAura

    IGN: WinterRoseMary Offender's IGN: Nutt_Ladd Offence: KillAura Hacking Evidence:
  17. Rosemary

    k3wlderp - AntiKnockBack

    IGN: WinterRoseMary Offender's IGN: k3wlderp Offence: AntiKB Hacking Evidence:
  18. Rosemary

    ChiniChini - KillAura

    IGN: WinterRoseMary Offender's IGN: ChiniChini Offence: KillAura Hacking Evidence:
  19. Rosemary

    DarealBluRandom - KillAura

    IGN: WinterRoseMary Offender's IGN: DarealbluRandom Offence: Killaura Hacks Evidence:
  20. Rosemary

    King_Louie08- AntiKB

    My IGN: WinterRoseMary Offender's IGN: King_Louie08 Offence: Anti KnockBack Hacking Evidence: