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  1. Duckowap


  2. Duckowap

    How to make it easier to catch and record hackers on kit

    Please don't necropost (replying to a thread that had not been active in more than two weeks). Locked.
  3. Duckowap

    Because I'm allowed to delete something on my profile that I don't exactly like/want to be...

    Because I'm allowed to delete something on my profile that I don't exactly like/want to be there. you have the same perms.
  4. Duckowap


    It's very possible to click a constant 22-23 CPS, he could've been jitter or butterfly clicking. Denied, Locked.
  5. Duckowap

    What k

    External emojis and nicknames.
  6. Duckowap


    Please use the correct format. Denied, Locked.
  7. Duckowap


    You can choose for me, I honestly don't care.
  8. Duckowap

    help my fa . is gtiing raied ples help

    Don't post useless threads, please. Locked.
  9. Duckowap

    Report for kill araua

    Thank you for reporting! Next time please use the correct format and supply evidence. Locked.
  10. Duckowap


    Thank you for reporting! This user has already been banned. Locked.
  11. Duckowap

    Things to help the server be better

    We had a poll with ranked players, and OP Factions won. The next season of factions will be OP. Both of the realms had low players counts, it was better to merge them as they would have slowly died out. Therea no real need for key all events but we are working on hosting more events in our...
  12. Duckowap

    Recruitment for the grand faction illusion - S12

    Don't necropost (replying to threads that have not been active in more than two weeks). Locked.
  13. Duckowap

    Two server hosts.

    There is no way to have two hosts, on different continents, running one server. Having a North American host. and a European host would effectively cut the player count in half as players from their respective continents could only play with each-other.
  14. Duckowap

    I’m back <o/

    Omgawd welcome back laike!
  15. Duckowap

    Zelete, griefing this time

    There is no evidence that Zelete did this. Denied, Locked.
  16. Duckowap

    Ban Appeal

    Reduced to 30 days, Locked.
  17. Duckowap

    Question about reporting

    ^ locked.
  18. Duckowap

    Maybe ???

    That you for reporting! however, The evidence has been deemed insufficient. Denied, Locked.
  19. Duckowap

    Envy Memes Never Die Y'all

  20. Duckowap

    copying my build on creative

    Hey! Thank you for report. however, this is not a punishable offense. Denied, Locked.