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  1. DrJacoby12

    Creative Server Oof

    *- Adding GoPaint and GoBrush - Dynmap of the world, which is an online map that you can check out (example here - https://map.cubesmp.com/) - A public area filled with useful builds that you can copy with world edit to help speed up your builds, like custom trees, bushes, lamp shades etc*...
  2. DrJacoby12

    Giving SkyCade Players and Staff Yearbook Awards

    Hello fellow Mythic Pics! So you know those funny awards you get when you leave school and are out in the yearbooks? Well I am going to be giving some of them to SkyCade peoples! But first, heres fun game (yay) type in SkyCade and see what first words your phone suggests. Mine is SkyCade SMP...
  3. DrJacoby12


    DrJacoby12 RxinbowDaisy Targ Dis
  4. DrJacoby12

    My Trolling Texture Pack

    HELLOOOOOOOOOO EVERYBODY! So... I made a texture pack BUT there is a twist! Instead of your normal items, instead there all switched up for example redstone ore is lapis ore etc etc I used the Jacksucksatlife texture pack for the original textures! :) You can download it here...
  5. DrJacoby12

    you w0t m8

    DrJacoby12 LobsterTurkey Negative reaction farming remove them plz thx <3
  6. DrJacoby12

    My Description Of Every Single Staff Member and a Few Players

    Hello everyone how we all doing? Good great! Let's get to it! Disclaimer! All of this is just a bit of banta! I think all this information is correct but if it isn't let me know (Sorry Randy's, I don't know every staff member) aCup - Randy apartmentalize - Banned me IRL Trades, pfff. Also...
  7. DrJacoby12


    Ma nam is DrJacoby#4176 His nam is lucsky#3210 And he did a little bit of DM ADVERTISING REEEE And remember... BIG HYPE IN THE MINECRAFT COMMUNITY OMG GUYS!!!!! Lol what I've got more hype for going to Lidl to get some toilet roll than this
  8. DrJacoby12

    SkyCade The Game

    Wowwee play this totally amazing game I made on the worst game making website ever. https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/303594808/ I think next time ill just make it on Unity with C# (programming language) not some stupid blocks Use your mouse to move don't let Joostagram hit you or you will get...
  9. DrJacoby12

    What is everyones opinions on the SMP reset?

    Good, bad? Should of waited to 1. 14? Is it buggy or laggy? Let's see everyone's opinions.
  10. DrJacoby12

    DrJacoby12 Introduction

    Eyyyyy it's me DrJacoby12 I am - Amazing - Very Big Ego - Loves VPN - GoT FalSe BaNnEd - Unbelievably Good Looking (I have 1609 girls chasing me on the way to school ) - An epic gamer (it's official ) - Strongly believes MrSwalbert is a living savage - Strongly believes that Joostagram is wrong...
  11. DrJacoby12

    DrJacoby12 Quitting

    Goodbye :(
  12. DrJacoby12

    What Are The Benefits Of Having An ALT?

    Lots of peeps have alts and I was wondering what's the real benefit of them? Are they worth it?
  13. DrJacoby12


    DrJacoby12 @JackThePigeon Dislike Farming (Can they get removed plz)
  14. DrJacoby12

    Absolute Mad Man

    IGN: DrJacoby12+1#3433 Punished by @Joostagram 16/3/2019 I believe Discord I should be unbanned 2 hours early because I want to join back before I go to bed. I could stay up till midnight but I might not wake up the next day until like 12pm and then I'll be late for school and you wouldn't want...
  15. DrJacoby12

    Discord Appeal

    Centurion is unbanning me on Discord next Thursday but soon as I was told to appeal in a month a month ago I might as well appeal to see if I can unbanned any earlier. My IGN: DrJacoby12+1#3433 Platform: (Discord, server, forums). Discord Punished by: Joostagram Reason...
  16. DrJacoby12

    Questionnnnnnn reee

    *DrJacoby12 has joined the chat* Oi oi everyone ya boi has some questions 1. What's the difference between Skyblock Mining workd tier 1, 2 and 3? 2. Can you get any other fac kits other that daily, weekly and fortnightly ? Thanks fellow 9 year olds I'll see you on the Discord next Thursday...
  17. DrJacoby12

    What pack is this?

    I know this is Jacks texture pack but it isn't the one in Content Creations? How do I download it? Thanks
  18. DrJacoby12

    Creative Question

    If you have an alt or a friend, can you merge your plots together? Or get an admin to do so?
  19. DrJacoby12

    Discord Appeal

    My IGN: DrJacoby12+1#3433 Platform: (Discord, server, forums). Discord Punished by: Joostagram Reason: Saying I'll hit someone with a foam sword Date of punishment: Nearly a month ago Why you should be unbanned/unmuted: So I am not really sure what to say in my appeal because myself and multiple...
  20. DrJacoby12

    Report #37

    DrJacoby12 69demonen69 Reach, KA, Anti KB Lots of hackers today smh