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  1. 2manyRESPECTS

    report threat in factions private msg ( Please SEE now ) ( Viled Threating me )

    Here is proof when he says "i will track you down duh" thats a threat for finding me and killing me irl
  2. 2manyRESPECTS

    (Skycade in game Mute Appeal ( Please do m8 )

    ig username- 2manyRESPECTS Type/Thing- Muted Appeal I know i was mad and i was being a little scum bag about tp trapping, i miss talking ig chat on skycade so can i be unmuted, ( i said some bad things :/ ) my m8s can talk ig but i cant so yeah i talk threw signs please unmute me ( 2manyRESPECTS )