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  1. Reblxtemp3r

    I know I'm late but GG on Helper lmao

    I know I'm late but GG on Helper lmao
  2. Reblxtemp3r

    How to make it easier to catch and record hackers on kit

    Then everyone would be in spec and no one would be able to pvp. This also makes moderators redundant. Once again, this would have a lot of people afk at spawn and no one pvping, would once again take away the point of mods.
  3. Reblxtemp3r

    Forums Dark theme

    I really hope they do this, I have everything in dark mode. I even have a dark mode texture pack lmao
  4. Reblxtemp3r

    Hide bug reports

    I do agree but some people go out of their way to try and affect other people's gameplay as much as possible.
  5. Reblxtemp3r

    Ok so this could possibly be the best suffix suggestion ever

    I'd buy this If I had money
  6. Reblxtemp3r

    KitPvP leaderboard system

    They should only be removed from the leaderboard if their ban time is permanent, then they don't lose everything when they come back.
  7. Reblxtemp3r

    Hide bug reports

    The whole reason for bug reports on the forums is for the bug to be fixed so other people don't exploit said bug, however if bug reports are public then some players could go out of their way to exploit the bug. If bug reports were hidden then this would not be as big of an issue.
  8. Reblxtemp3r


    They definitely need to remove the cooldown. I don't think they understand not everyone can record and report, and if people did spam the command they could always mute them to revoke their access to the command.
  9. Reblxtemp3r

    A new system :D ( for Kitpvp )

    Before they even think about adding this they need to work on recoding the duel feature all together.
  10. Reblxtemp3r

    Push Notifications

    I agree with this, I don't check the forums every single second of the day and would like a way to view notifications.
  11. Reblxtemp3r

    Sell custom suffix perms as a separate item on the store

    I like the suggestion however it would take away one of the only good features about emerald rank. It could mean the server gains more income but then emerald would be redundant.
  12. Reblxtemp3r

    You can see if vanished staff are online

    It should probably still be fixed though in case a YouTuber or Jack's online and they don't want to be known of.
  13. Reblxtemp3r

    "Missions" Misspelt

    Your IGN: Reblxtemp3r Where is the bug happening? (Factions, Skyblock, Discord, etc.): Skyblock at /warp tutorial Brief description of the bug: The word missions has been spelt wrong Describe how to do the bug: Video/photo proof: https://gyazo.com/5702054dec44c40fc867e0cfd17ea458
  14. Reblxtemp3r

    You can see if vanished staff are online

    Your IGN: Reblxtemp3r Where is the bug happening? (Factions, Skyblock, Discord, etc.): Globally in game. Brief description of the bug: If a staff member is vanished you can duel them to see if they're online Describe how to do the bug: /duel <name> Video/photo proof:
  15. Reblxtemp3r

    Skycade Weekly [Week 36]

    I was lucky he replied to my email lol
  16. Reblxtemp3r

    Forums report

    My Name: Reblxtemp3r Offender's Name: 759M Offence: Inappropriate profile picture Evidence:
  17. Reblxtemp3r

    MSG Group Chats

    Although this is a good idea it's not really needed. Players can just use discord which is so much easier to use as it will keep your chat cleaner too, also this way you can also voice chat with the people too.
  18. Reblxtemp3r

    Innap Name Report

    My IGN: Reblxtemp3r Offender's IGN: NigerDog Offence: Inappropriate name Evidence:
  19. Reblxtemp3r

    Toggle Crate Notifications in Chat

    +1 to the idea. It’s always so annoying when someone purchases a keyall and chat is being flooded, especially if you are trying to pm someone at the same time, it’s forever just scrolling up in chat due to the amount of crate messages. This may also hinder some of the lag and FPS drops players...
  20. Reblxtemp3r

    Application Suggestion

    Would the tips be in dms or on the forums globally? If you want pointers you could just Dm a staff members. Not asking them for what they wrote but for suggestions.