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  1. ShadowCreeperMC


    SlushyCreeper TheAsax Spam
  2. ShadowCreeperMC


    SlushyCreeper Elextrion fonts
  3. ShadowCreeperMC


    SlushyCreepr Skycade Builders Inapp Build
  4. ShadowCreeperMC


    SlushyCreeper First_Fool Ads
  5. ShadowCreeperMC


    SlushyCreeper moocraft2004 Spam
  6. ShadowCreeperMC


    7 normal, 15 jitter.
  7. ShadowCreeperMC

    Geforce not allowed?

    So I have a very old crappy machine for my computer so I signed up for a streaming service called Nvidia Geforce now. so I am on the waitlist for 3 weeks then I get accepted. so I launch Minecraft and try playing skycade. I type the IP in many many many times but it doesn't work. is this...
  8. ShadowCreeperMC


    SlushyCreeper A ton of bots Bots
  9. ShadowCreeperMC


    SlushyCreeper linuztuff and nozdormu3690 Spam
  10. ShadowCreeperMC

    The KitPvP Problem

    im just sayin :/
  11. ShadowCreeperMC

    What k

    WTH what kind of discord perks do emeralds get?
  12. ShadowCreeperMC

    The KitPvP Problem

    there are so many kitpvp users with hacked clients it is absolutely insane! there should be a rule that enforces at least 1 staff member on kitpvp at a time because when there is no staff it gets super annoying! Hackers ruin the Minecraft community and I think the game mode with the most active...
  13. ShadowCreeperMC

    bypass #2

    My IGN: SlushyCreeper Offender's IGN: foreignfigures offense: Bypass Evidence:
  14. ShadowCreeperMC


    My IGN: SlushyCreeper Offender's IGN: pedalalex and thelordandsavior Offense: bypass Evidence: fyi i am using mac because my pc is being fixed
  15. ShadowCreeperMC

    Target disrespect

    my IGN: SlushyCreeper Offender's IGN: Mantolly Offense: Target disrespect Evidence:
  16. ShadowCreeperMC


    My IGN: SlushyCreeper Offender's IGN: 4_h Offense: Spam Evidence:
  17. ShadowCreeperMC


    My IGN: SlushyCreeper Offender's IGN: emilsch Offence: Killaura Evidence:
  18. ShadowCreeperMC


    My IGN: SlushyCreeper Offender's IGN: grimfully Offense: Advertising Evidence:
  19. ShadowCreeperMC

    Emerald Rank! NEW RANK!

    how to cancel?
  20. ShadowCreeperMC

    My Skin