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  1. TogepiMax

    Skycade furrys

    y i didnt realize that club existed.... are you with the toxic society or the official skycade minimod society?
  2. TogepiMax

    Skycade furrys

    oki good to know
  3. TogepiMax

    Villager Mechanics in Skyblock

    in the previous skyblock you could, dont know why it would be disabled if it is.
  4. TogepiMax

    Skycade furrys

    It appears a new society is joining the ring of societies. I am the founder of the Official Skycade Minimod Society, and am happy to see this society (club) be put in the ring of societies! I hope you will join us in the fight against the Toxic Society, and not join it's fight against us.
  5. TogepiMax

    Hi, i have a dream!

    the reason why unbans aren't on the store is due to them being very pay2win, as jack, and many other server owners have stated. And "almost every other server has one" idk if you're statement is entirely true or not, but I can list 4 servers plus this one which are reasonably popular and don't...
  6. TogepiMax

    The Story About how I was in a Faction with a Hacker

    10/10. Love to see someone's perspective in the other side of the trolling.
  7. TogepiMax

    Hi, i have a dream!

    id help, but im making a humongous map thing on my claim, and thats what my money is being filtered into.
  8. TogepiMax

    Im Quitting.

    I hope wherever you are taken next, it is enjoyable for you
  9. TogepiMax


    Amateur. I recently reached 1,400 deaths. Working on 1,500.
  10. TogepiMax

    September Creative Build Competition

    id join but i bad at good building..... ill be done on september 30th if i was to compete
  11. TogepiMax

    Awesome little animation I created for Jack & SkyCade :3

    i got rick rolled. what a troll.
  12. TogepiMax

    Anti cheat Kicks.

    no u x googoldecaplex ^ googoldecaplex Requesting lock
  13. TogepiMax

    Anti cheat Kicks.

    Yet another toxic person using bias and anger to hate on new people.
  14. TogepiMax

    Extra pro-Skycade memes to balance out my controversial one

    Me when I submitted my meme, and the comments afterward: My mindset when a reset is announced: This will determine how big your brain is (pls no hate):
  15. TogepiMax

    Republic of Wibbly - Skyblock Recruitment

    his ign is JustWibbly, just look below his forums name
  16. TogepiMax

    A meme which describes the haters' point of view of the devs when Emerald Rank launched

    yeah they did thats why constructive criticism exists
  17. TogepiMax

    Minimod list v2

    you forgot me.... i literally started a minimod society XD its so true im laughin so hard rn im on my fifth also it appears im in a possible "toxic society" or "minimod hate group" thread
  18. TogepiMax

    A meme which describes the haters' point of view of the devs when Emerald Rank launched

    Staff pls no.... this is coming from someone who originally hated the rank, but likes it now...... so staff, pls no deny my apps just for a dumb meme
  19. TogepiMax

    A meme which describes the haters' point of view of the devs when Emerald Rank launched

    (This is meant to be a joke.... staff pls no ban)
  20. TogepiMax

    Skycade Saturday

    Nice. Sounds fun. I'd compete, but my computer is currently trash and cant do tnt run or spleef, and dont get me started on how this affects my pvp, but if we can arrange a time, I'd compete! Also i think a rank upgrade would be nice for peeps who already have iron rank, like from iron to...