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  1. Taka

    Mute Appeal

    My IGN: GODTAKA Platform: (Discord, server, forums). Punished by: noah Reason: "inap lang" Date of punishment: few months ago Why you should be unbanned/unmuted: The reason I got mute was for saying "smoke weed gamers" and then "you should smoke weed Noah youd loosen up" if anyone sees the inap...
  2. Taka

    Thank you Skycade. #SaveTheAmazon

    The amazons gonna be burned eventually, Chinese had a contract with the new Brazil pres for a bunch of farm land. The fires being stopped now apparently as Norway and other countrys in the Eu have pointed out it violated a bunch of regulations to do with nature and habitat preservation. Brazil...
  3. Taka


  4. Taka

    Discrod appeal

    My IGN: taka#5057 Platform: (Discord, server, forums). Disc Punished by: cookies Reason: inappp pfp Date of punishment: ages ago Why you should be unbanned/unmuted: sorry for havint a inapp profile picture it was of a small man doing cocaine and I did not realise that as I was in skycade...
  5. Taka


    HELlo what's the discord code yes gordons pink ginssiy thanks taka heh
  6. Taka

    pickup lines for the eboys of skycade

    No, the best eboy is obviously me. I'm the only jacked minecrafter here
  7. Taka

    _Mistz Resignation [Love Yall but Im out]

    Glad that your moving forward in life and starting one with your girlfriend, best of wishes makes me generally happy to see you live your best life! Much love good luck.
  8. Taka

    Minimod list v2

    Truly amazing, love this work
  9. Taka

    ban appeal for evi

    My IGN: GODTAKA Platform: (Discord, server, forums). Seever Punished by: viking Reason: greifing fly machine Date of punishment: today Why you should be unbanned/unmuted: mainly appealing for evidence, I was testing a bug as my freind had told me that flying machines didnt work in claims, I had...
  10. Taka

    brain numbingly dumb problems with skycade discussion (mainly kitpvp)

    matty nowadays when I join kitpvp I join on 1.13 and dont attempt pvp really. I enjoy just walking around. I dont sweat pvp like I used to and I dont want to come back on a client just so i can feel better than everyone else that i can cheat more without getting caught. So yes, I'm pretty trash.
  11. Taka

    discord appeal

    My IGN: TAKKA#5057 Platform: (Discord, server, forums). disc Punished by: cookies Reason: inap profile pic Date of punishment: a few weeks ago Why you should be unbanned/unmuted: wasn't warned to change it and I didn't think about it, sorry about my last appeal was doing vast quantitys of...
  12. Taka

    brain numbingly dumb problems with skycade discussion (mainly kitpvp)

    if anyone here has joined and played kitpvp for longer than 3 minutes youll have had your face smashed in by about 4 blatant hackers, Mod on or no Mod on, and then about 50000 other closet cheaters, theres no point in even attempting at being legit and the fact that people start cheating bc...
  13. Taka

    Discord appeal

    My IGN: TAKKA #5057 Platform: (Discord, server, forums). Punished by: cookies I think Reason: having little cocaine taka in my pfp Date of punishment: a few weeks ago probabaly Why you should be unbanned/unmuted: I'm sorry for having my pfp as a little gguy doing some cocaine I have a cocaine...
  14. Taka

    Skycade Weekly [Week 53]

    Nice to see my alt sitting on that smp baltop
  15. Taka

    realoliver9912 targ disc

    My IGN: GODTAKA Offender's IGN: realoliver9912 Offence: targ disc evidence: basically kids mad, so he calls me a degenerate and says "fuck you taka" basically if u need more screenshots of what he said I can give it. this should be suff.
  16. Taka

    Emerald Rank! NEW RANK!

    Toggle crate messages for emerald? Like that's not a needed thing for non ranks this is just a in your face give me your money type rank doesnt do much more than diamond other than a needed thing for everyone
  17. Taka

    Can we reset factions soon

    Yes chokemeerhip I agree make reset in a week so I can claim my sweet sweet reward suffix
  18. Taka

    Creative Reset!

  19. Taka


    sorry for someone asking me if I remember people i dont remember u oof but yeah that stuff was the good days. Just liv is hardly relevant tho LOL
  20. Taka

    The Grand Faction illusion is recruiting

    The GRAND faction illusion is recruiting for this season and next season but we will mainly be playing next season. Once you have finished your application please join our discord so we can contact you easier. It will take about a week for a response so be patient! Discord...