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  1. ItsTobyGamesYT

    /pwarp pancake is coming to Skyblock! (APPLY FOR ISLAND)

    IGN: queing87 Discord: queing#1580 How Long have you played skyblock: a few years When did you join skycade: around 18 months ago on a different ip and account How good are you at skyblock: I'm pretty good and have been doing it for a while. I was on one of the top hypixel islands etc. Can...
  2. ItsTobyGamesYT

    yoshiteezy Player Report

    My IGN: ItsTobyGamesYT Offender's IGN: yoshiteezy Offence: Inapp. Username & K.A Evidence: I wasn't able to take a screenshot as whenever i got near him he killed me but you may be able to find other people who may be able to give you some evidence. (SOS)