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  1. TessieBear76


    xAuroras Micksterboss87
  2. TessieBear76

    y tho

    xAuroras zagadog
  3. TessieBear76

    bruh moment

    xAuroras Technobwade targeted dis
  4. TessieBear76

    more dm ads but i’m reporting for someone else because i can

    Moneyman1433#3657 (i’m Aurora#3333) Hamboyx2#9262 dm ads
  5. TessieBear76

    dm ads

    Aurora#3333 archiebald6#3997 dm ads
  6. TessieBear76

    Prisons Iron Golem Bug

    Your IGN: xAuroras Where is the bug happening? (Factions, Skyblock, Discord, etc.): Prisons Housing Brief description of the bug: You can push iron golems onto your plot and kill them, giving you free items. Describe how to do the bug: Push an iron golem onto your plot and kill them...
  7. TessieBear76

    am i a minimod

    xAuroras Pietuuh Targeted DIs
  8. TessieBear76

    ads probably

    xAuroras#8464 UsingWolfram#2727 ads?
  9. TessieBear76

    nitro boosting

    Nitro boosters have access to #ranks-channel, but not ranks voice channels. If they have access to the channel I feel that they should also have access to the voice channels.
  10. TessieBear76

    i have to report people now ok

    My IGN: xAuroras Their IGN: Pattyboy1 Offense: Inapp language Evidence:
  11. TessieBear76

    yea so hi

    I figured it was about time for me to make one of these posts lol Yea so I’m coming out. Hi, I’m tessie, nice to meet you. I’m also bisexual and non-binary. If you’re one of my old smp friends you probably already know this lol. I’ve know this for a long time as well but I just never really...
  12. TessieBear76

    Black_Virus [Fixed]

    TessieBearr Black_Virus Bypass
  13. TessieBear76


    My IGN: TessieBearr Offenders IGN: LunaTheTryHard Offence: Spamming Evidence:
  14. TessieBear76


    TessieBearr Black_Virus bypass
  15. TessieBear76


    _______________G (thats 15 underscores) TessieBearr so obvious KA and Anti-KB
  16. TessieBear76


    TessieBearr Ender_Gaymer Reach, Possibly KA and Anti-KB
  17. TessieBear76


    My IGN: TessieBearr Offender's IGN: tom_hussey Offence: KA and Anti-KB Evidence:
  18. TessieBear76


    tessiebearr ginthian swearing/caps/targeted dis
  19. TessieBear76

    I know I just posted one like two days ago but...

    so hi I just drew in class today because ew class is boring and then when i got home, moon was streaming, (follow her here) and so I thought I might as well use her skin in my drawing and make some fan art! (I know so original) So here it is: If you have any feedback or anything, I would really...
  20. TessieBear76

    DM advertiser

    TessieBearr#4072 xxmadmanxxx#9252 dm Advertising