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  1. CaptainRichYT

    Skyblock Reset!!

  2. CaptainRichYT

    Skycade Weekly [Week 54]

    I <3 U
  3. CaptainRichYT

    Skyblock Reset!!

    #SkyCade HypeSquad
  4. CaptainRichYT

    Skycade Weekly [Week 54]

    Love the weekly, and the interview! Don’t stop the posts, pretty much everyone loves them! <3
  5. CaptainRichYT

    /kick on Skyblock

    Rip, I guess you're just going to have to wait. They might have delayed the reset.
  6. CaptainRichYT


    Your IGN: Captain_Rich Where is the bug happening? (Factions, Skyblock, Discord, etc.): SkyBlock Brief description of the bug: I think it's a server bug, but when I place 2 chests next to each other they don't combine. But, if I open it, it acts as 2 chests, and opens at the same time...
  7. CaptainRichYT

    hi, my name is bjørn you can call me bjoernp if you want.

    Ooh! But, because you announced it it might have lowed your chances to be accepted!
  8. CaptainRichYT

    hi my name is ScottWR

    Yes, lol enjoy your time at SkyCade!
  9. CaptainRichYT

    Leaving Skycade

    Bai, and hopefully you move on to something amazing! <3
  10. CaptainRichYT

    Emerald Rank! NEW RANK!

    I don’t think there was a point of making a new rank, and making it monthly too. Just my opinion.
  11. CaptainRichYT

    Oh wait, nvm you got unbanned. XD sorry

    Oh wait, nvm you got unbanned. XD sorry
  12. CaptainRichYT

    Rip, Hope you get unbanned soon!

    Rip, Hope you get unbanned soon!
  13. CaptainRichYT

    Oh look a skycade player

    Lol, gg! Forums = life?
  14. CaptainRichYT

    Lost my old email to a hacker, and couldn’t get access to my old Minecraft account! From now on...

    Lost my old email to a hacker, and couldn’t get access to my old Minecraft account! From now on, this will be my new account. :D Thanks for the support some of you gave me.
  15. CaptainRichYT


    Ello! Enjoy your time at SkyCade, you’re going to love it! <3
  16. CaptainRichYT

    Ello Everyone!

  17. CaptainRichYT

    The KitPvP Problem

    It's not a bad question, just stating my opinion.
  18. CaptainRichYT

    GUIDE: How to cancel emerald rank

    Quite helpful for those who aren't familiar with paypal! Great info! :D
  19. CaptainRichYT

    The KitPvP Problem

    It would be hard to have staff on KitPVP 24/7, but since we have a report section just take a video, fillout the format, and wait for a staff member to review it! Also, even when there's no staff online, most of the time the anticheat will catch them first. :)
  20. CaptainRichYT

    Skycade Weekly [Week 53]

    Amazing report! Thanks for the info!