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  1. WelshAlex

    Joostagram disregarding free speech

    Denied, I don't care what your reasons are. You're wrong and a bad human being. Locked.
  2. WelshAlex


    Well this just isn't true lol, we let kitpvp run for like a year without touching it and it had a steady playercount. It's probably the easiest gamemode to keep players on. Anyway, KitPvP is due a reset this year at some point, but we've got a list of stuff to cover first. Some good ideas here!
  3. WelshAlex

    Skycade Staff History & Status

    Depending on how you want to define owner, Dwayne is either not an owner or both Dwayne and I are owners. Jack is the sole legal owner, but both Dwayne and I work on a % of profits. Dwayne is a founder, whereas I was not, so you could change it to that if you'd like. Cool thread!
  4. WelshAlex

    New sky-block block

    It is not possible for us to add a block with a new texture lol
  5. WelshAlex

    pay respects to the fallen soldier

    Disliking because you were dumb enough to fall for anything @Haidertheking said ^^
  6. WelshAlex

    pay respects to the fallen soldier

    Y'all got so baited by an absolute random that you ruined the thread Locked
  7. WelshAlex

    Thank you Skycade. #SaveTheAmazon

    The President of Brazil is a raging, far right bigot and he's done nothing of the sort.
  8. WelshAlex

    Emerald Rank! NEW RANK!

    Well yes actually I can just tell people not to buy it if they don't like the price because that's how prices work? It's not open for negotiation, if you don't think something is worth it then you... don't buy it. That's how things work. You're not going into Walmart and complaining that the...
  9. WelshAlex

    Emerald Rank! NEW RANK!

    Silly argument, if you don't want something because you think it costs too much then don't buy it? I'm not going into Tesco and complaining when the chocolate costs a bit too much, I'm just not buying chocolate. Well you evidently care for whatever reason. If you don't like it or it doesn't...
  10. WelshAlex

    Emerald Rank! NEW RANK!

    Really not getting the ongoing backlash lol. We've already said we're planning on expanding all ranks, and Emerald rank had literally no effect on lower ranks. None. Your permissions were untouched. If you don't think it's worth the money then don't buy it until you do. Such a weird backlash...
  11. WelshAlex

    Make use of the "Beta-access" feature for Diamond+ ranks

    Absolutely a good point - we definitely need to be using this perk more. We'll do so for upcoming releases for sure.
  12. WelshAlex

    Emerald Rank! NEW RANK!

    Drop me a message with your discord username#1234 and I'll help out
  13. WelshAlex

    Skyblock Reset!!

    Weird how many people think Hypixel invented minions lol, they've literally been around for years. No idea which server first originated the idea but several large networks have them.
  14. WelshAlex

    Emerald Rank! NEW RANK!

    Don't have time to read the whole thread currently, not sure how we got to factions bugs or devs lol but 1. We've literally very recently hired a new developer 2. After Skyblock, Factions is next to reset and we're looking to fix all of the big bugs we have listed on our gitlab In regards to...
  15. WelshAlex

    Skyblock Reset!!

    Hypixel's not the first server to do it, lots of servers have had minions for years! No I don't think so! We're giving everyone a 50% increase, and the boost people buy after that will largely be for cosmetic purposes. 150x150 is big!
  16. WelshAlex

    Skyblock Reset!!

    Hellooooooooo, 2nd announcement of the day! Check out the Emerald Rank announcement HERE! The moment so many of you have been waiting for has finally arrived, another Skyblock reset! We've got quite a list of changes for you based heavily on feedback from Skyblock's most active players that we...
  17. WelshAlex

    Emerald Rank! NEW RANK!

    Hey folks, I'm here with the first of my two announcements for today. This one is about a BRAND NEW RANK we're introducing to the store. It's called Emerald Rank, it's a monthly subscription of £7.99 / $9.99 (ish) which makes it less than Netflix or the same price as two large coffees. And it...
  18. WelshAlex

    prison keys and the store urgent!!

    Easier if you drop me a DM over discord :)
  19. WelshAlex

    The Best Manager Ever!!!!!

    Locked, toxic thread, don't try ruining an event next time :)
  20. WelshAlex

    Not allowed to advertise "Skycade Content"

    You're evidently trying to avoid breaking the rules on technicalities, and the website is not for Skycade purposes. All you do is intentionally act in an irritating way, if you'd like to continue playing Skycade I heavily advise that you stop. Locked.