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  1. iDatHaxDoe

    new/old kit to kitpvp

    I'd love that you implemented the kit gladiator to kitpvp, since it is a very old kit which was very interesting back in the day. Basically you have an item that, when you right click someone with it, you and the other person are sent to a small arena in the sky to fight to death, allowing both...
  2. iDatHaxDoe

    crop hoppers bug or limit

    Is there a limit of crop hoppers a faction can place? because when I try to place a crop hopper they just disappear right after trying to place.
  3. iDatHaxDoe

    Duel doesn't start

    Your IGN: iDatHaxDoe Where is the bug happening? (Factions, Skyblock, Discord, etc.): Factions Brief description of the bug: Sometimes, when I duel someone and the person accepts, the game says the duel is being set up, but it doesn't start, even if we wait an hour. Describe how to do the...