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  1. uwuwcal

    mrs turf

    me: uwuwcal (btw if joosta reviews this, she said selling credits, so i said you cant sell credits) offender: MrsTurferPop offence: Targeted Disrespect Evidence:
  2. uwuwcal

    silly man admitted hax

    me: uwuwcal offender:merlyn68 offence: admittance of hax evidence: silly man
  3. uwuwcal

    'newskyblock' server

    So, I was talking to joostagram asking if there was non stackable items in sb, then i realised he was in this.. server.. Answers?
  4. uwuwcal

    some sort of hax

    My username: uwuwcal Offenders: browndog101 Offence: Some sort of malicious hack. Maybe freecam. Evidence:
  5. uwuwcal


    my name: uwuwcal offender: MrsTurferPop Bullying
  6. uwuwcal


    i missed skyblock reset coz im on holiday.. send me screenies of the spawn plz.. :(
  7. uwuwcal

    inapp skin

    My IGN:uwuwcal Offender's IGN: jet1805 Offence: inapp skin Evidence: wow wow just wow
  8. uwuwcal

    inap user name

    My IGN:uwuwcal Offender's IGN: peppagunnakillu Offence: innap name Evidence: do i need evidence when the evidence is their ign?
  9. uwuwcal

    well well well you_ness

    My IGN: uwuwcal Offenders IGN: you_ness Offence: Targeted Disrespect AGAIN Evidence: (btw make it not -s for justice)
  10. uwuwcal


    My IGN: uwuwcal Offender's IGN: Zom1 Offence: Swearing and also calling someone racist / targeted disrespect. Evidence: wow im getting the hang of this :) (p.s fame cake for everyone)
  11. uwuwcal

    Scammer on skyblock

    My IGN: uwuwcal Offender's IGN: NoHaxJustAimbqt Offence: Tryna scam me so i lose some of my best items. He doesnt own the is. smh Evidence: The evidence is in the msg conversation.