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  1. Pancakes

    Ban Appeal | lcgin

    My IGN: lcgin Platform: server Punished by: Koronotchi Reason: Malicious Hacks [Admitted] Date of punishment: 6/15/19 Why you should be unbanned/unmuted: I think i should be unbanned because i wasnt actually hacking, i was just saying i was as a joke, i love the server and have bought diamond...
  2. Pancakes


  3. Pancakes


    oooo the hype
  4. Pancakes


  5. Pancakes


    Ik i am late but i felt that i still needed to post this...
  6. Pancakes

    Christmas Kit Giveaway

    Format: IGN: FallingPancakes Discord Tag: FallingPancakes#4700 Have you ever bought anything on Skycade?: Yes Suffixes and Nametags (i didnt buy my rank xdd) Have you ever been banned?: No Why should we pick you?: Because I REALLY need that amazing white nametag and because it would be amazing...
  7. Pancakes


  8. Pancakes

    Why are the ranks expensive?

    Still, in the future the MVP ranks will increase and become less rare too, there are like 14 MVP already
  9. Pancakes

    Why are the ranks expensive?

    I remember when global ranks just came out, people who had one were special, it was rare but, these days everyone have them, you are not unique anymore almost 70 people have them now, i think they should make a way to make them more rare, or make a new rank. so i dont think they should be...
  10. Pancakes

    Factions Season 12!

    i knew it, jack said he will make a purge in December but no one listened
  11. Pancakes


  12. Pancakes


  13. Pancakes

    GG on diamond

    GG on diamond
  14. Pancakes

    hi my names is Zanz (Derpsteve__ ign)

    Welcome To Skycade! i hope you have fun, this is a really fun place xdd
  15. Pancakes

    Iron Rank - Giveaway Sunday the 18th November

    A Friend IGN: Thecreeperlords Number: 10
  16. Pancakes

    1 Million Factions Giveaway!

    GG @Bcof Won The Giveaway! Thanks for everyone who was part of the giveaway! if i see you in-game i will pay you as soon as i can Note: I Making Another Giveaway in December...
  17. Pancakes

    I CAN'T connect to Skycade!

    I CAN'T connect to Skycade it just keeps Pinging FOREVER! I Tried: Resetting My Launcher Resetting My Wifi __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Yes, A Talking Rainbow Barfing Pancake With A...
  18. Pancakes

    I need by Birthday Changed

    Hey! i had the same issue unfortunately birthdays cant be changed once they are entered check out my old thread https://skycade.net/threads/how-do-you-change-you-birthday-on-the-forums.7860/#post-32493...
  19. Pancakes

    1 Million Factions Giveaway!

    Hello, I Decided To Make A Giveaway On Factions! Note: Winner Will Be chosen On 14 Nov Not 13 for some connection ssues __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Yes, A Talking Rainbow Barfing...
  20. Pancakes