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  1. Koronotchi

    ban appeal

    Appeal again in 2 weeks for a possible reduction. Denied, locked.
  2. Koronotchi

    Appeal for user (Massiveidiot)

    Don't make other appeals after making your first one, please be patient when waiting for a response. Locked.
  3. Koronotchi

    Report #1

    Thank you for the report. Accepted, locked.
  4. Koronotchi

    Racime and an sexual faction name

    Unfortunately, we can't accept reports without evidence. Upload your screenshot to Imgur and provide the link to the image in a new report. Denied, locked.
  5. Koronotchi

    technopro#7509 - advertising- #213

    Thank you for the report. Accepted, locked.
  6. Koronotchi

    How to refund ranks

    We don't refund ranks and if you charge-back you'll be IP Banned. As the question has been answered I'll go ahead and lock this thread. Feel free to start a conversation with me on the forums if you have any other questions. Locked.
  7. Koronotchi

    Ban appeal

    As you've evaded your ban 3 days ago, appeal in a month for a possible reduce. You can check how much longer your ban has left at bans.skycade.net Denied, locked.
  8. Koronotchi


    Thank you for the report. Accepted.
  9. Koronotchi

    Reach - T0R0

    Thank you for the report. Accepted
  10. Koronotchi


    Accepted, thank you for the report.
  11. Koronotchi

    Killaura at spawn

    Next time, please leave a timestamp to the point where they use KA in the arena while taking damage. Accepted.
  12. Koronotchi

    Hacker Report - Windkissed

  13. Koronotchi

    Player Report [Feriousgamer1] "Admin Imposter"

    Denied. Please do not crop screenshots.
  14. Koronotchi

    Either delete or fix 1v1s

    @nicbeast00 Please do not necropost. Thread locked.
  15. Koronotchi


  16. Koronotchi

    Inappropriate Chat Messages [#493]

    Accepted, locked.
  17. Koronotchi

    Inappropriate Chat Messages [#491]

  18. Koronotchi

    BlueMCcreeper034 - Spamming [#490]

  19. Koronotchi


  20. Koronotchi

    Gl dude :)

    Gl dude :)