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  1. TutionalDigi


    Offence: inappropriate username My ign: Chicken_Dinosaur Staff member who punished me: Sara7645 or whatever it is Date of punishment: 7/9/19 Reason i should be unbanned: I was not referring to anything inappropriate i was referring to a food i saw on a youtube advert
  2. TutionalDigi


    Offence: Innapropriate name My ign: Chicken_Dinosaur Staff member that punished: Sara7645 Reason to be unbanned: Joostagram told me it was allowed so i saw no reason why i couldnt log on https://gyazo.com/7a2ec640662eeb56d68f03da1d338f1e
  3. TutionalDigi

    Inappropriate language

    Offender: Outm My ign: TutionalDigi Evidence: https://screenshot.net/3pw98cr
  4. TutionalDigi

    Malicious hacks

    Offender: HotLineDinkasaur My ign: TutionalDigi Evidence: Look at 55 Seconds onwards
  5. TutionalDigi

    Either delete or fix 1v1s

    How about the fact they don’t have a nodebuff which is the most used duel on all prac servers
  6. TutionalDigi

    Why faking evidence is easy

    Joostagram and centurion had ingame chat logs for when I was banned for manipulation or whatever it was They used ingame chat logs to prove what I did And tbh faking evidence is quite easy but you almost always get caught for it
  7. TutionalDigi

    Character spam

    Offender: Magnesiumno1 My ign: TutionalDigi Evidence: https://screenshot.net/xwm34fd
  8. TutionalDigi

    Targeted disrespect and spam

    Offenders: ColtrolFreak, Liam_H19 My Ign: TutionalDigi Evidence: https://screenshot.net/qnm8mi9 https://screenshot.net/vyrorfo https://screenshot.net/p60m0so
  9. TutionalDigi

    Ddos/IRL death threats and Targeted disrespect

    Offender: Egirl_VierceyV My IGN: TutionalDigi Evidence: https://screenshot.net/y88g0sx PigMatts additional evidence: http://prntscr.com/ofhzfh
  10. TutionalDigi

    Character spam

    Offender: GalacticPvE My ign: TutionalDigi Evidence: https://screenshot.net/yonzmuq
  11. TutionalDigi

    Skycade Weekly [Week 43]

    Wrong again
  12. TutionalDigi

    Skycade Weekly [Week 43]

    My name is not Harry Potter but ok
  13. TutionalDigi

    Oki b-bai

  14. TutionalDigi

    The Factions Experience

    idk you is this another unknown rando or brookyln kid
  15. TutionalDigi

    The Factions Experience

    Lol can't really "abuse" combo glitch but ok
  16. TutionalDigi

    Any good lawyer recommendations i dont want to go to jail!!!

    Any good lawyer recommendations i dont want to go to jail!!!
  17. TutionalDigi

    Brocolli haircut wont be returning soon Or van dijk as your better known as now

    Brocolli haircut wont be returning soon Or van dijk as your better known as now
  18. TutionalDigi

    Appeal v2

    Offence: Insider accomplice Ign: TutionalDigi Staff member that punished me: Skaga Date of punishment: 11/5/2019 Reason for unban: Right so there are 2 parts to this appeal the first being my actual part in this offence and the second what actually happened So i was in a call with some of our...
  19. TutionalDigi

    Asgard takeover

    You edited out the bit where I killed mick (with a broken hand) but that’s all sound
  20. TutionalDigi

    Insider accomplice

    IGN: TutionalDigi Punished by: Skaga Date of punishment: Today Offence: Insider accomplice Reason to be unbanned: First of all the insider unclaimed the walls not the main base so we didnt gain anything besides a closer cannoning position. So when fallen decided to claim the walls skaga said the...