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  1. netherkid227


    My IGN: dqrkboii Offender's IGN: Doodle_17 Offence: Homophobia/Toxicity Evidence:
  2. netherkid227

    Explosive Glitch bug

    Your IGN: dqrkboii Where is the bug happening? (Factions, Skyblock, Discord, etc.): Prisons Brief description of the bug: Using a explosive pick on the gold pressure plates in arena can knock the paintings off the wall.... i'm sorry builders. Edit: provided proof
  3. netherkid227

    PvP Clip

    the show fps option has an entity counter that displays chests, which is bannable
  4. netherkid227

    PvP Clip

    If thats show fps with optifine you should disable it before a mod sees,
  5. netherkid227

    Basement Chests - Prisons

    The lack of house storage in prisons is majorly annoying, especially for newbs who cant afford the 13mil house upgrade. We need to allow chests to be placed in basements so we can actually store a decent amount of gear. We have chests in the shop, so its not like they're illegal items and i dont...
  6. netherkid227


    My IGN: dqrkboii Offenders IGN: OakenSteak7269 Offence: Racism Evidence:
  7. netherkid227

    Inapp language

    My IGN: dqrkboii Offenders IGN: Nonzeromist67 and SeaSesh Offence: Being weird/creepy/innapropriate Evidence: ETA: Sea and more evidence
  8. netherkid227

    Scam Report

    My IGN: dqrkboii Offenders IGN: kBye_ Offence: Scamming/Spam Evidence: So, I was minding my own business playing some hide and seek in prisons for money, some other person won one, and kBye tried claming the prize later, even messaging me to say "If you say I won I will split the money". Later...
  9. netherkid227

    Discord Advertisement

    My IGN: dqrkboii#2995 Offenders IGN: bricked#1406 Offence: Advertising smh Evidence:
  10. netherkid227

    HUge SuGGesTiOnS

    2. Thats bad, a server could do with extra staff, its not like its any loss (also, people that have only just joined wouldnt get accepted anyway) 4. Not that easy 6. They should also have the right to play on the server they dedicate time to 7. this would be nice Can't relate to many more as i...
  11. netherkid227

    New rule for SMP

    love the subtle drop aiden xD
  12. netherkid227

    New rule for SMP

    advertising pwarps is part of the game, otherwise people wouldnt have business. Plus if it gets excessive then there are warnings and mutes for spam already
  13. netherkid227

    Make the shop system on smp better

    What i mean is, rather than /chestshop, you set up shop signs much like on skyblock. This would allow for bigger and better shops, rather than limiting players by giving them 5 chestshop slots. It would make the shop system much more viable and fun, in my personal opinion
  14. netherkid227


    My IGN: dqrkboy Offenders IGN: lucasb50 Offence: Spam and Caps Evidence: wouldn't stop spamming even after being told the answer
  15. netherkid227


    My IGN: dqrkboy Offenders IGN: FATCAT80 Offence: Inappropriate Evidence: Screenshots provided.
  16. netherkid227


    My IGN: dqrkboy Offenders IGN: AwesomeAnthonyMC Offence: highballing Evidence: Screenshots provided.
  17. netherkid227


    My IGN: dqrkboy Offenders IGN: Cup_Kale Offence: Advertising Evidence: Screenshots provided,
  18. netherkid227


    My IGN: dqrkboy Offenders IGN: DixonNormous Offence: Racism/Bad IGN Evidence: Screenshot Provided
  19. netherkid227

    Mute Evasion

    My IGN: dqrkboy Offenders IGN: Pixel_XP_Dasher Offence: mute evasion (sorry its late xD) Evidence: screenshots provided
  20. netherkid227


    My IGN: dqrkboy Offenders IGN: ItemESP Offence: Scamming/Highballing Evidence: Screenshots provided.