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  1. ePhat

    need ideas for smp builds in our theatre place

    ideas pls
  2. ePhat

    pickel hi

    i am hi, i say hi.
  3. ePhat

    need smp builders! (/pwarp theater)

    my build team says we need more people to help build and come up with ideas to build for our theatre. we need people who are good at designing and are willing to get on when we need them. if you are up for the job we will interview you. (when you see me online, msg me) (also we pay our...
  4. ePhat

    people able to take flowers out of flowerpots in smp when they arent trusted in the claim

    Your IGN: iiLogan_2 Where is the bug happening? (Factions, Skyblock, Discord, etc.): SMP Brief description of the bug: im at my pwarp (./pwarp theater) and i was showing my friend around and they took the flower out of the pot when the place was claimed. i had did /claim members all around...
  5. ePhat

    person spamming n word also said they hacked

    My IGN: iiLogan_2 Offender's IGN: VindermusPrime Offence: saying n word also saying they hack Evidence:
  6. ePhat

    bot attack rn

    My IGN: iiLogan_2 Offender's IGN: alot of bots Offence: bot attack (2:00 is where everyone joins) Evidence: (nvm they are gone)
  7. ePhat

    hacker no staff again

    My IGN: iiLogan_2 Offender's IGN: Sonsia Offence: hacking (killaura, autosoup, speed) Evidence:
  8. ePhat

    2:20 headsnap (extra evidence for Snoop_LOL)

    My IGN: iiLogan_2 Offender's IGN: Snoop_LOL Offence: hacking (killaura, autosoup) Evidence: (2:20)(dont mind the music, i like listening to music when playing ;o)
  9. ePhat

    hacker on kitpvp no staff :/

    My IGN: iiLogan_2 Offender's IGN: Daawaai Offence: hacking (killaura autosoup no slow some antikb) Evidence:
  10. ePhat

    2 hackers 1 video

    My IGN: iiLogan_2 Offender's IGN: EvanPlaysGames, LaserCS321 Offence: both hackers (killaura reach autosoup) Evidence:
  11. ePhat

    another bong bong bing hacker

    My IGN: iiLogan_2 Offender's IGN: iDeactivate Offence: hax (autosoup, killaura) Evidence:
  12. ePhat

    hacker on kitpvp

    My IGN: iiLogan_2 Offender's IGN: Chaosjo_44 Offence: hacks (killaura, antikb, reach, autosoup, etc) Evidence: (video starts at 1:02) (dont judge my wii music)
  13. ePhat

    smp tp trap pwarp and also lag machine

    My IGN: ePhat Offender's IGN: OoftTayla Offence: lag machine? also tp trap pwarp (/pwarp carrot) ( smp) Evidence:
  14. ePhat

    griefer woman/man

    My IGN: ePhat Offender's IGN: Polxar365 Offence: griefing redstone (spammed the buttons, which broke it) Evidence:
  15. ePhat


    My IGN: ePhat Offender's IGN: tdyguitar, leeyechan12 Offence: hax Evidence:
  16. ePhat


    My IGN: ePhat Offender's IGN: Beezel160 Offence: hax Evidence:
  17. ePhat

    foul language (in video) (photo wont work)

    My IGN: ePhat Offender's IGN: sickon Offence: foul language Evidence: (1:37) (also wrote some other stuff later on in the video)
  18. ePhat

    haxor man

    My IGN: ePhat Offender's IGN: corosiv_ Offence: hacking man Evidence:
  19. ePhat

    hacking man smh

    My IGN: ePhat Offender's IGN: Humiliations Offence: KA, autosoup, antikb (alot of him using hacks throughout the video) Evidence: (other hackers too)
  20. ePhat

    ePhat Appeal

    My IGN: ePhat Platform: Server Punished by: Nursey_ Reason: Malicious hacks Date of punishment: August 2019 19:12 Why you should be unbanned: Since Nursey_ is a new helper and might not know what hackers look like, I feel that this ban is unjustified because i was 'king' during an event and i...