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  1. Duckowap

    Rarest suffix

    Hey, I'm making this thread to figure out what is your favourite/rarest suffix. It can be based on anything, from how old it is, to how many people bought it, to how limited it was. You can even just say it's rare because of the colours. For me it would have to be The Hax0r or the noob!1 as...
  2. Duckowap

    How's season 13 going for you folks?

    So, How is season 13 going for y'all? Mines been okay, I started out in Fallen but that faction kinda died. Now I'm a member of resistance but its hard work, we got attempted by Relentless/Ragnarok almost ever day before payout. Overall, I've been having an okay time with factions13 and honestly...
  3. Duckowap

    Favourite suffix

    I just want to know what's your favorite suffix it can be an old limited edition suffix or one still in the store. I'll start. I love the pride suffix and the customcustomcustomcustomtwinkle suffix.
  4. Duckowap

    My Intro

    Hi, my name's Duckowap or Noah. you may have seen me on the forums but I've never done an intro so I guess im doing one now. I'm a 13-year-old helper here on the skycade network and I love what I do! I have some hobbies that I absolutely love like rock climbing and trick scootering and I'm not...
  5. Duckowap

    inappropriate faction name

    Me: CanadianDucko Them: BornedForGaming inappropriate faction name
  6. Duckowap

    Ranks suggestion

    So one of the great perks for the ranks is our fat chat messages like GG, L, <3 etc. but I was thinking of one that a lot of players might use fat OOFs they would be randomly colored like the others and you would just say OOF in chat with Gold+ rank to make them happen. leave your feed back down...
  7. Duckowap

    Discord report

    Me: CanadianDucko#5818 Them: smiling cunt#3818 Inappropriate name
  8. Duckowap

    Forums bug

    so if you see here I have the ability to have a custom tag while ranked players like pigmatt do not I'm not sure if I'm supposed to not have this perm or ranked players are supposed to but I'm pretty sure this is a bug with the forums
  9. Duckowap

    Custom tag tutorial [Ranks Only]

    So I've been getting asked a lot in conversation about how to set up the custom tag that's under your name so I thought I would make a public tutorial on how to edit it. So first you click on your name on the top right of your screen it will bring down a list of things to do with your profile...
  10. Duckowap

    How does the custom tag system work?

    So as you can see im a "bot" and i have that available in my account details and i thought it was ranks only but i have other ranked players asking me how do you do it and finding out they dont have the ability i also have unranked players asking if you need a rank to get it so maybe just...
  11. Duckowap

    forums suggestion

    i think the general support section on the forums should be brought back it was good for just general question now you see question thread popping up in discussion and the can flood it
  12. Duckowap

    My Creative Plot!

    So on The skycade creative server I have a plot and I would like to show it off. here or visit my plot by doing /p v CanadianDucko! Don't make fun of my terrible building skills though.
  13. Duckowap

    Bug Report

    There is a bug on KitPVP where when you join most of the time it doesn't give you soup I know you can just choose a different kit and it will give you soup but its just annoying and I would like to see it fixed
  14. Duckowap

    Just a quick thing

    Am I supposed to have all the ranks on the forums as I've had all of them at one point or another because I purchased Iron then gold then diamond so I guess that's why but it looks cool so maybe don't remove it.
  15. Duckowap

    What Do You Like about skycade/What brought you into the skycade community?

    Il start off I started watching Jack around late December and joined the server in mid January. I like the fact that the server is non p2w as most large Factions servers are and I just love the community!
  16. Duckowap


    Hey I'm Duckowap But some people may know me as CanadianDucko I was active on the old forums so I want to introduce myself on the new one!