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  1. prchica2

    Skyblock: How are you liking the new season?

    How are you liking the changes in this season’s skyblock? Are there any things you wish could be added or things you don’t like? Which is your favorite island theme? Do you like the lunar crate items? What about there only being one Realm, and not two (Galactic and Egypt)? Anything you want to...
  2. prchica2

    What’s your opinion on the two skyblock servers? (Also stating my opinion)

    So, as pretty much everyone knows, there’s two skyblock servers, Egypt and Galactic, Galactic and Egypt, doesn’t matter what order. I’ve been playing skyblock for quite some time now, I joined in season 1 of skyblock and it was great! But what does everyone think about the server being split up...
  3. prchica2

    What Gamemode Do You Normally Play On Skycade?

    I was just interested to know what gamemode you normally play. It is just personal preference, so please don't be rude to other people for liking a certain gamemode more than another.
  4. prchica2

    A question about skyblock (e and g)

    I had a quick question about skyblock. /enchants is a command that you can use to get enchant books, regular and custom. It takes 60 levels. Are the custom enchant books trench and snowball gun still available to get? Not many players have gotten those books recently. If anyone has information...
  5. prchica2

    Introducing Myself

    Hey it's me, prchica2. I like Skycade, it's my favorite server. I like cats. I'm glad that forums is back!