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  1. GarlicBreadDude

    Proper Intro

    Hiya fellow bananas! o_O <---- Banana overdose I am informally known by NoHax, short for NoHaxJustBanana. I love bananas (which is good for your potassium levels) which I think you have figured by now. I grew up in England, yet I never seem to have picked up that posh accent I always wanted...
  2. GarlicBreadDude


    My IGN: NoHaxJustBanana Offender's IGN: LiCab Offence: Caps and being rude. I'm not sure if it was targeted disrespect? Evidence:
  3. GarlicBreadDude


    My IGN: NoHaxJustBanana Offender's IGN: cdog4141 Offence: Spamming, "DUDE [...] BANNED." Evidence: P.S. Yes apartmentalize, it IS more than twice.
  4. GarlicBreadDude


    My IGN: NoHaxJustBanana Offender's IGN: RileyA2004 Offence: Bypassing rude language. Evidence:
  5. GarlicBreadDude


    My IGN: NoHaxJustBanana Offender's IGN: Quickel Offence: Inappropriate language. Evidence:
  6. GarlicBreadDude


    Hi i'm a random guy in this universe. Um, my IGN in Minecraft is NoHaxJustBananas. Potassium is good for you. Also I like garlic bread, hence meh name. :poop:
  7. GarlicBreadDude


    My IGN: NoHaxJustBanana Offender's IGN: Brooklin99 Offence: Rude words, offending. Evidence:
  8. GarlicBreadDude

    Discord Appeal.

    My IGN: NoHaxJustBananas#8397 Platform: Discord. Punished by: Uncertain. Reason: Kept reacting with emojis on posts. Date of punishment: Somewhat 5 days ago. Why you should be unbanned/unmuted: I am sincerely sorry for reacting with emojis constantly. I understood and realise now why I have...
  9. GarlicBreadDude

    Meh MuteAppeal.

    My IGN: NoHaxJustBanana Platform: Server. Punished by: Skaga. Reason: Spam. =( Date of punishment: February 01, 2019, 22:09 Why you should be unbanned/unmuted: I'm really sorry, I think I come from a different planet quite obviously *cough* as I don't actually remember spamming *cough*. I love...