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  1. Josh

    Quitting Skycade

    You seemed quite a nice guy. Good luck in the future, pce.
  2. Josh

    This time I'm gonna go for real.

    Saber x eDaters. I'll miss you buddy, Good luck <3
  3. Josh

    Sadly, but yes

    Bye babe, I’ll miss you qt xx Good luck.
  4. Josh

    I'm Retiring from Minecraft

    You’re like an older brother to me 💙 I’ll miss you man ☹️
  5. Josh

    eDaters [S13]

  6. Josh

    Discord Ban | Plax

    My IGN: Plax#9910 Platform: Discord Punished by: AstroStar Reason: Inappropriate / Disrespectful image ? Date of punishment: Dunno, like 2 week ago Why you should be unbanned/unmuted: I feel like my ban was unjust simply because it was just a bit of fun. However, at the time I didn't think It...
  7. Josh

    Who else remembers

    I Remember that, Honestly back then, the server was actually fun to play.
  8. Josh

    eDaters [S13]

    Hopefully :)
  9. Josh

    eDaters [S13]

  10. Josh

    Discord Ban

    My IGN: Plaax Platform: (Discord, server, forums): Discord Punished by: AstroStqr Reason: Posting an image. Date of punishment: I don't know, about 3-4 days ago Why you should be unbanned/unmuted: I feel like my ban was unjust because I didn't have the intention to use the image as a form of...
  11. Josh


    My IGN: Plaax Offender's IGN: oBabyGirl Offence: Bypass Evidence:
  12. Josh

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
  13. Josh

    eDaters [S13]

  14. Josh

    I’m back.... ;)

    @whyeva I love you xx
  15. Josh

    I’m back.... ;)

    Not really, Just forwarding my opinion xx
  16. Josh

    I’m back.... ;)

    you sound like an absolute idiot rn.
  17. Josh

    I’m back.... ;)

    sorry buddy but that doesn't really deserve a new beginning.
  18. Josh

    I’m back.... ;)

    @DabOnDatCheese your best friend is back.
  19. Josh

    I’m back.... ;)

    shutup, if you really knew what he's done. You wouldn't of even thought of saying that