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  1. Jack


  2. Jack

    If I can get enough good ones, yeah!

    If I can get enough good ones, yeah!
  3. Jack


  4. Jack


    Thanks! Probably will be yeah!
  5. Jack


    Hello! As most of you know Skycade has always tried to be a friendly, non pay2win server that people can play & progress on without needing to spend IRL money. Because of that we’ve never sold ranks that include perks and kits, and we gave everyone lots of permissions in game that on most...
  6. Jack

    Ban Appeal - TheFlyingCamel

    my bad!
  7. Jack

    PaulFletcher - Inappropriate Language

    bloody hell paul
  8. Jack


  9. Jack

    Who can I speak to about refunds on my paypal?

    Sorry for the inconvenience. I am afraid we are unable to offer any kind of refund @xSwiifty. If we did then we'd have 100s of people claiming to be "parents" who's children had make purchases without their permission, leading to a huge loss of revenue & a lot of developer time being taking up...
  10. Jack

    Jack isn't real?!!!

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  11. Jack

    My 2nd Discord Ban Appeal

  12. Jack

    Wings Trails for Diamond ranks!

    Thanks for the suggestion, we'll get it added to Diamond Rank in the next couple of days!!