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  1. StampyJoeBen

    Rent-A-Builder (Skyblock Only)

    ---------------- Note! I am away for the moment, my co-builder will be in charge. Hey there! Me (and HxpeR) are starting a Rent-A-Builder service! What it is. I will build your request for you, on your island, (within reason) at 20k per 20 minutes. Most of the time, WE supply the blocks...
  2. StampyJoeBen

    Island Bal

    Just a small suggestion, like on factions, I think they should implement Island Bal, which is basically the island's overall money if your on a team. You would be able to deposit money into the island Bal and other people on your island can take it out. Kind of like a community treasury.
  3. StampyJoeBen


    My IGN: HeyItsStampy Offender's IGN: BlueEnderman69 Offence: Char spam Evidence:
  4. StampyJoeBen


    My IGN: StampyJoeBen Offender's IGN: Zom1 Offence: Mute Bypass Evidence:
  5. StampyJoeBen


    My IGN: StampyJoeBen Offenders: Agent_Crxstal Offence: Excessive Caps Lock Evidence:
  6. StampyJoeBen

    Inapp. Language

    My IGN: StampyJoeBen Offenders: DrDoctor78 Evidence:
  7. StampyJoeBen


    My IGN: StampyJoeBen Theirs: HulkBash & Funbob Offence: Bug abuse Evidence:
  8. StampyJoeBen

    Cant acess servers through NPCs

    IGN: StampyJoeBen Where is the bug happening; Skyblock (that i know) Description: The NPCs that you click on to go to different gamemodes don't work. How to do the bug: I don't think there is a way to trigger this bug, it just happens sometimes. (This bug might just be me, i'm not sure.) Also...
  9. StampyJoeBen

    Recruiting New Island Member (skyblock)

    This post is to do with skyblock not factions. I am looking for a new island member who can do daily tasks for me. They need to have been on skycade before , and have some form of experience with the gamemode. Reply to this post if interested. Also it would be good if you can tell me what time...
  10. StampyJoeBen


    My IGN: StampyJoeBen Their IGN: CAY00303 Offence: Advertising Proof: (Edit: now thinking about it he is probably a bot)
  11. StampyJoeBen

    Rollercoasters on Skyblock?

    This is something that I've been wanting to make a post about for a while now. I own a roller-coaster on my island that is relatively big. However, i asked someone else if they could make a roller-coaster on their island, and they said they weren't allowed: with a mod coming on and telling them...
  12. StampyJoeBen


    Hi! Im StampyJoeBen! Im slightly new to the forums, but ive been playing Skycade for quite a few months now. I mainly play skyblock, pwarp is pwarp stampy if your interested. Anyway, see you on Skycade