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  1. 1235_John

    I have had enough.

    I used to adore the staff team and I used to see them all the time in game. Now I see none of them. On KitPvp its always infested with hackers. I have had enough of reporting them, only for them to keep killing everyone for half an hour longer. There needs to be staff members online. I come...
  2. 1235_John

    Emt3 Hacking

    My IGN: 1235_John Offender`s IGN: Emt3 Offence: Killaura Evidence:
  3. 1235_John

    Lonely_Fisherman Hacking

    My IGN: 1235_John Offender`s IGN: Lonely_Fisherman Offence: Jesus hacks Evidence:
  4. 1235_John


    My IGN: 1235_John Offender`s IGN: BurritoBros Offence: Killaura Evidence:
  5. 1235_John

    I need a ban removing

    My IGN: 1235_John Offence: Malicious hacks What I need: Bloody MrSwalbert accidentally banned me instead of the player I was reporting! LOL! He unbanned me, but I think the ban is still on my account, and I want a clean record, so please could I have it removed? I REQUIRE £5 IN STORE CREDIT IN...
  6. 1235_John


    Offender`s IGN: KaputtGull My IGN:1235_John Offence: Reach Evidence: Thankyou! :D
  7. 1235_John

    iFuhrer anti-kb

    Offender`s IGN: iFuhrer My IGN:1235_John Offence: Anti- Knockback Evidence:
  8. 1235_John

    5tips possibly hacking.

    Offender`s IGN: 5tips My IGN: Offence: Possible killaura, you can decide from the evidence I have. Evidence:
  9. 1235_John

    Jonathan_Ayres hacking

    Offender`s IGN: Jonathan_Ayres My IGN: 1235_John Offence: Killaura Evidence:
  10. 1235_John

    weetiernan2010 spamming

    Offender`s IGN: weetiernan2010 My IGN:1235_John Offence: Spam Evidence:
  11. 1235_John

    clondo hacking.

    Offender`s IGN: clondo My IGN: 1235_John Offence: Killaura, anti-knockback, reach and fly hacks. Evidence:
  12. 1235_John

    xXkishimotoXx hacking

    Offender`s IGN: xXKishimotoXx My IGN: 1235_John Offence:killaura Evidence:
  13. 1235_John

    leonlind faking hacks and spamming me

    Offender`s IGN: LeonLind My IGN:1235_John Offence: faking hacks and spamming inappropriate pictures Evidence:
  14. 1235_John

    ami_tect hacking

    offender`s IGN: ami_tect My IGN: 1235_John Offence: killaura, anti-knockback evidence:
  15. 1235_John

    Supra_Bape hacking (fixed)

    Offender`s IGN: Supra_Bape My IGN: 1235_John Offence: Killaura Evidence: The reason this has been reposted is that I`m pretty sure my original youtube video didn`t upload properly so here is the fixed version
  16. 1235_John

    Supra_bape hacking

    Offender`s IGN: Supra_Bape My IGN: 1235_John Offence: Killaura Evidence:
  17. 1235_John

    xXKitty_MomoXx Fly Hacks?

    My IGN: 1235_John Offender`s IGN: xXKitty_MomoXx Offence: Perhaps fly hacks, see what you think. Evidence:
  18. 1235_John

    MineMath1234 Hacking

    My IGN:1235_John Offender`s IGN: MathMine1234 Offence: Killaura/Fightbot, Anti-Knockback. Evidence:
  19. 1235_John

    MapmanX hacking

    My IGN:1235_John Offender`s IGN: MapmanX Offence: possible killaura, antikb Evidence:
  20. 1235_John

    LilPepper Hacking

    My IGN: 1235_John Offender`s IGN:LilPepper Offence: sneak killaura antikb Evidence: