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  1. chxm

    Cloxxa anti KB

    Insufficient evidence. Try getting a longer recording next time. Denied, Locked.
  2. chxm

    Beadee most likely hacking maby lag unlikely.

    Insufficient evidence. Denied, Locked.
  3. chxm

    Telling me to choke on food while im eating smh

    I can't zoom in on this photo, for some reason? Can you re-upload it possibly so I can read the full screen chat por favor. :) Denied for now, locked.
  4. chxm

    CoHutt Encouraging targetting

    Not really against the rules, actual targeting is. Get evidence of people targeting you and we can do something about that. Denied, Locked.
  5. chxm

    More hackers

    Both players have already been punished. Thanks for reporting! Locked.
  6. chxm

    big fat hacker

    This player has already been punished accordingly, thanks for reporting! Locked.
  7. chxm

    bug abusing (had been warned multiple times before)

    Thanks for reporting! Accepted, Locked.
  8. chxm

    Bender1300 [#497]

    Accepted, Locked.
  9. chxm


  10. chxm


    Unfortunately this isn't quite enough to issue a ban. Denied, Locked.
  11. chxm

    report (spamming)

    This player has already been punished, thanks for reporting! Locked.
  12. chxm

    ban appeal

    Accepted, locked.
  13. chxm

    Mute appeal

    You were muted for bypassing the filter, not for "saltiness". Come back in a few weeks. Denied, Locked.
  14. chxm


    Not sufficient for a mute. Denied, Locked.
  15. chxm


    Insufficient evidence. Denied, Locked.
  16. chxm


    Thanks for reporting! Accepted, Locked.
  17. chxm

    Aeare and GaryLineker

    Aeare has already been punished. Accepted for GaryLineker. Locked.
  18. chxm


    Thanks for reporting! Accepted, Locked.
  19. chxm


    Thanks for reporting, this player has already been punished accordingly. Locked.
  20. chxm


    Thanks for reporting! Accepted, Locked.