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  1. MeerkatMonkeyMan

    What was the funest thing happend on minecraft?

    When I found out that I was a toaster
  2. MeerkatMonkeyMan

    Suffix Sugesstion

    Wrong section
  3. MeerkatMonkeyMan

    MeerkatMonkeyMan reports killer696109YT

    My IGN: MeerkatMonkeyMan Offender's IGN: killer696109YT Offence: Swearing in chat Evidence: And I use Hyperium so thats why all the cps info and stuff is there lol
  4. MeerkatMonkeyMan

    KitPvP reset

    OHYES looking forward to this! Will there be a purge style thing where hacks will eb allowed for the last 24 hours?
  5. MeerkatMonkeyMan

    My thoughts on KitMap

    So some gamemodes may be more popular than others, but ti still is an unreliable source as kitmap may get more players when you are not online.
  6. MeerkatMonkeyMan

    Remove KitMap.

    Player count is an unreliable source I explained this in my thread "My thoughts on KitMap"
  7. MeerkatMonkeyMan

    My thoughts on KitMap

    KitMap is a very controversial gamemode and I would like to make my point heard. Before I start, I would like to state that a player count is an unreliable indication on how popular a game is. For example, everyone knows that different places around the world have different timezones so that...
  8. MeerkatMonkeyMan

    Update the rules : Mute punishments

    A perm ban is very excessive. For example, if someone violates the chat rules and is unaware and they do it multiple times by mistake and then the staff check the logs or someone reports them and they get perm banned it would be an unfair ban as they violated the rules without knowing.
  9. MeerkatMonkeyMan

    Skycade Should Switch Hosts.

    Why should we switch hosts? For years European players had bad ping and now its your turn. The EU players never complained about it but now, as soon as you don't get what you want, you're complaining like crazy. Just deal with ti like we have for the past few years.
  10. MeerkatMonkeyMan

    Rank Suggestion

    You're basically saying you want /nick, i don't think the diamond tag is tacky. If you don't like it then why did you buy it?
  11. MeerkatMonkeyMan


    Fine your leaving, no need to dis the server though... :(
  12. MeerkatMonkeyMan

    ADIOS 😎

    I'm not giving hate but why do you need to announce you're leaving? Like I understand if its a staff member resigning or a well known forums member but you're just like a normal player. Im not throwing hate and everyone does deserve to be known etc etc but I just don't understand why you would...
  13. MeerkatMonkeyMan

    Can i use Hacks???

    Do you even think this is a reasonable question? Also, please tell a staff member who yoru "friend" was, that will definitely answer your question.
  14. MeerkatMonkeyMan

    1.13.2 Only SMP

    So 1.13 has been out for a while, and 1.13.2 has been released today. We are also fast approaching the 1.14 Village and Pillage update and more updates to come. I feel as though the Skycade community doesn't embrace the newer features of Minecraft as a mostly PvP server. Although SMP supports...
  15. MeerkatMonkeyMan

    Classic Recruitment for Undisputed S11

    IGN: MeerkatMonkeyMan AGE: 13 TIMEZONE: GMT How much time have you spent on Skycade factions (press esc, go into statistics.) I always start off every season with a faction, but they get raided and disband. Thats what usually happens. Previous factions? Yes, but they were all raided very early...
  16. MeerkatMonkeyMan

    Add an Anti-Cheat

    You only just say that because Jack says them a million times in every video lol
  17. MeerkatMonkeyMan

    Add an Anti-Cheat

    Skycade does have an anticheat and I would just like to comment on how awful the spelling is, lol. - - - - I think that kicking the hackers is a good idea because most of them won't have the IP noted and they won't be bothered to log back in. Jack uses hackers in his videos so it cant ban them...
  18. MeerkatMonkeyMan


    Why is everyone posting this?
  19. MeerkatMonkeyMan

    No clue if this is the right place but i did some photos

    Well its wort a try... Goodluck :)
  20. MeerkatMonkeyMan

    Possible 1.13 glitch

    So I was playing SMP on 1.13 and came across this chest glitch. So in the 1.13 Aquatic Update single chests can be placed together whether they are double or single. I think the glitch was because I attempted to do a 1.13 feature on a server that supports other versions. The actual glitch...