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  1. haxlegit

    Litspere quitting post

    dwarves scum
  2. haxlegit

    Hacker-Detect/Skycade Client [WIP]

    alex said your stupid so your client is stupid too!
  3. haxlegit

    mute apeal

    My IGN: haxlegit Platform: (Discord, server, forums).server Punished by: professorslimez Reason: spam Date of punishment: 8/25 Why you should be unbanned/unmuted: I said "i quit" in bad spelling 4x really petty reason to mute or report for, i didn't bother anyone and that was the first time i...
  4. haxlegit

    Leaving Skycade

    Stay strong todd msg me if you need any help in the future
  5. haxlegit

    Skycade Osu! Tournament

    Keep flexing your DT farm scores
  6. haxlegit

    Skycade Osu! Tournament

    I will win easily
  7. haxlegit


    You sound really dumb if you are being serious you should quit mc :D
  8. haxlegit


    My IGN: haxlegit Platform: (Discord, server, forums). server Punished by: joostagram Reason: harassment Date of punishment:7/6/19 Why you should be unbanned/unmuted: What i said was baseless and a dumb thing to say,i acknowledge what I did was wrong and learned my lesson-not to be toxic or...
  9. haxlegit


    My IGN:haxlegit Platform: (Discord, server, forums).server Punished by:joostagram Reason:harrasment Date of punishment:7/6 Why you should be unbanned/unmuted: I didn't spread rumors, what I was banned for is the stupidest ban reason i have ever gotten. skycade is actually a meme and its funny...
  10. haxlegit

    Illusion / Platinum drama

    Random fac, If you cant beat illusion and have 110k points on a dead server you should really quit
  11. haxlegit

    Quiting Skycade

    rip og mineman, Asgard on top
  12. haxlegit

    Relentless S15 recruitment

    Well you got 13 potted and quickdropped to alzora and dont apply if your a random :D
  13. haxlegit

    Relentless S15 recruitment

    Relentless has been a faction since season 3 on Skycade, we have dominated several maps on here including season 4-6,10-11 and 13. (We quit season 7-9) We have been a closed faction for a while, and have decided for the second time to look for some active members to join us for season 15 OP! To...
  14. haxlegit

    Unknown Requirement

    I know its a bit late but your fac is litterly shit and only got 4mil f top points from getting boosted by keesie's fac which afk'd cactus the whole season the fact is you cant win a season with comp
  15. haxlegit


    skycade didnt deserve a good staff member like you anyways - trash server!
  16. haxlegit

    unmute me pls!

    My IGN: haxlegit Platform: (Discord, server, forums). serrver Punished by: welshalex Reason: targeted dis Date of punishment: may 4th Why you should be unbanned/unmuted: its been a fat minute and i know what i did was wrong and wish i can get unmuted thanks for your time Screenshot of...
  17. haxlegit

    Roast me

    You're litterly the most basic egirl i have ever seen(rando anime pic and fake egirl username) ,and you're probably a guy too anyways
  18. haxlegit

    F top payout

    That really is a stupid suggestion ngl
  19. haxlegit

    F top payout

    The season was dead the first week idk why you even complain lol
  20. haxlegit


    They are just jealous Asgard are on top!