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  1. Nic


    I will be accepting like 5 render requests based on what I feel like, there may be more so if you are above #5 try anyway. IGN: NameMC: Pose: If you want a transparent background tell me List: ChillpixelL Officialycelled Deorc StampyJoeBen Koronotchi Fluffybean17
  2. Nic

    How long have you been on Skycade?

    Thread title
  3. Nic

    Minecraft Renders

    So I made some renders of skins and I can make some people some. I make these with cinema 4d and they look pretty cool to me. I'm going to list my channel. If you guys could subscribe that would be great. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBYRA7IvCvVXsEbhX7X7JWw To get one, subscribe and tell me...
  4. Nic


    I’ve figured out what Illusion plans to do for S11
  5. Nic

    Favorite Season

    When did you join(what season), and what is your favorite season. I joined season 4 in about December 2016. My favorite season was like 5 or so. Typo in poll, ignore it.
  6. Nic

    Staff Application

    I think there should be a way for the staff managers to be able to click a button that denies applications and sends an automated message with some text saying it was denied. I think that this way people would be able to know when or if their application has been reviewed and denied. I have...
  7. Nic


    My IGN: Nicilback Offender's IGN: MintoPvP Offence: Explicit Language Evidence:
  8. Nic


    My IGN: Nicilback Offender's IGN: WhiteowlBlaze Offence: Sort of a threat to ddossing, possibly a joke but still bannable. Evidence:
  9. Nic

    Hi there!

    Hey guys, many of you know me as Nic or Nicilback. I play factions, and I am a cannoner for the faction GrindOnly. I joined Skycade around December 2016 and have been playing ever since. If you see me in game feel free to say hi!