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  1. Sara7645

    ThE DaY HaS ComE

    The day has come, the day that we have all been waiting for, the day that we rebel. The day that we go against the lord and savior himself WelshyAlexa's word and avoid joining prisons as much as possible. It's an army that we must create. Within a army there needs to be a bond, something holding...
  2. Sara7645

    My thoughts on my Skycade Weekly Interview (explained)

    Hey Nerds! Im kind of famous now in a way, no not because of my last thread that got 1k views. No no no flex or anything. Its because I finally got my Skycade Weekly interview. I can not describe to you the emotions I felt when @Xechro told me that it was finally my time to shine. Now let me...
  3. Sara7645

    this meme needs to be stopped.

    whats up losers! Im back, I was struggling trying to think "What was my next forums thread going to be?" I mean after all after the amazing double thread about the bet with WelshAlex I thought to myself that nothing could top it. So here i was thinking, whats something that happens in my day...
  4. Sara7645

    WelshAlex is Plummeting

    Whats up losers! Sooooo lately Alex has been taking this bet very seriously. He has been working to the maximum to defeat the server and I on our epic gamer journey. I've come to the conclusion that Alex is out to get me, the goal of his epic gamer journey is to win a bet with a 16 year old on...
  5. Sara7645


    Listen up nerds! I need your help. Its serious this time (i know right me being serious what?) OK ANYWAYS BACKSTORY it was a late night. Nearly 2am for the lord and savior himself WelshAlex, he downed a whole 30 pack of water and was eager to go to work the next morning. Not being able to go...
  6. Sara7645

    Bullying AstroStqr V2 (Puns)

    Welcome back to the now weekly edition of Bullying Astro with Puns! (jk who has the time for that) anyways, BACKSTORY: Astro and I were hanging around on the creative server, which is now pretty empty. He was building a massive tree, which looked kinda like the other tree he built, just with...
  7. Sara7645

    Bullying AstroStqr with funny jokes

    Astro hates jokes for some reason, no one knows why. So i decided to tell him some of my top ones i have in my back pocket. Enjoy!
  8. Sara7645

    thomaslfc32 spam

    No staff were online for my to message so here u go My IGN: Sara7645 Offender's IGN: thomaslfc32 Offence: Spam Evidence:
  9. Sara7645

    lcgical mute evasion (so sorry)

    I honestly hate doing My IGN: Sara7645 Offender's IGN: lcgical Offence: mute evasion Evidence:
  10. Sara7645

    MrSwalbert has gone bad

    He locked my other thread and the memes were cut short. We dont have a lot of time before he locks this one. So go, place your best Swalbert memes down below. For example, He false banned someone today and didn't even say sorry. (GONE BAD.) p.s guys dont take this seriously its all a joke in...
  11. Sara7645

    MrSwalbert has no mercy (PROOF)

    Waiting for thread to be locked.