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  1. ItzAtomic

    Returning to Skycade (Soon)

    So idk how many of you remember me but if you don't, I'm atom and used to be on baltop in SMP before I quit in January. I don't know how many of you have heard yet but 1.13 SMP's confirmed for the next month and I've been looking forward to this for a while. The main reason (alongside certain...
  2. ItzAtomic

    Atoofic (4.....)

    Me: Atom#2505 Them: Atoofic / ... you'll see in the screenshot Platform: Discord Offense: Inapp. username + disrespect + kinda in-game-ban evading to harass me Evidence: WARNING: If you are young don't click the screenshots, they're... well rude...
  3. ItzAtomic

    Atoofic (3rd report...)

    Me: _Atom_ Them: Atoofic Offense: Mute evasion Evidence: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/523836977016078357/559102853701042186/2019-03-23_19.53.57.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/523836977016078357/559102854728515605/2019-03-23_19.54.16.png...
  4. ItzAtomic

    Atoofic (2)

    Me: _Atom_ Them: Atoofic Offense: More swearing + targetted disrespect Evidence: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/523836977016078357/559097761388298289/Screenshot_2019-03-23_at_19.28.33.png...
  5. ItzAtomic


    Me: _Atom_ Them: Atoofic Offense: Bypass and spam Evidence: They also took my old username (basically impersonation) but since I think its only staff impersonation thats an offense this is just a sidenote. Another edit: This is a useless thread now, they were muted already. I forgot how to...
  6. ItzAtomic

    __TheGod__: ban appeal

    My IGN: __TheGod__ Platform: (Discord, server, forums). server Punished by: Astrowu Reason: Lag machine evasion Date of punishment: 2/3/19 Why you should be unbanned/unmuted: So, I use a VPN and I presume that this other person was connected to the same VPN server at one point. This is my alt...
  7. ItzAtomic

    Quitting + A brief history of my time on skycade

    Hey, some of you might know who I am, if you don't, I'm Atoof, used to play skycade SMP. So I'm just gonna start this small post with why I'm quitting: SMP's getting kinda boring for me now. Having completed most the goals I can complete, I've kinda done everything I want to here with some...
  8. ItzAtomic


    My name: Atoof Their name: Calimrcake Offense: Griefing and Bypass Evidence: So they said in chat they were griefing a house and I tpa'ed to get evidence and started recording.
  9. ItzAtomic


    Me: Atoofic Offender: TheCoolCat92 Offense: Spam (in /msg) Evidence: There was another screenshot but the file won't upload.
  10. ItzAtomic


    Me: Atoofic Them: Shadowgamersix Offense: Bypass Evidence:
  11. ItzAtomic


    Me: Atoofic Them: jeroen_only Offence: Bypass Evidence:
  12. ItzAtomic


    My username: Atoofic Offender: Flopvis_ Offense: Targetted Disrespect Evidence: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/522165646834925633/524690956080119808/2018-12-18_20.52.30.png
  13. ItzAtomic


    My username: Atoofic Their username: benjyboing Offense: Advertising a youtube channel with no connection to Skycade Evidence: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/524129265848156161/524243147677630475/2018-12-17_15.01.47.png
  14. ItzAtomic


    Me: ItzAtomicMC Offender: Beaverman1 Offense: Bypass Evidence:
  15. ItzAtomic

    SMPRandies - S12

    Answer all questions truthfully: What is your username: Do you have discord: Do you have a microphone: What is your timezone: Have you ever insided someone: Do you have / can you get schematica: Use in game statistics to answer these questions: How long have you played SMP for: How long have...
  16. ItzAtomic

    Too much bread!

    Just took this screenshot on SMP. People included: - Sombu - SombOWO - ProfessorSlimez
  17. ItzAtomic


    My IGN: ItzAtomicMC Offender: IExitK Offense: Bypass Evidence:
  18. ItzAtomic


    My username: Atoofic Offender: SkycadeAdmin Offense: Fly in mining world on SMP (Bug abuse) and mute evading (the hi) Evidence: There was more use of fly, this is the only part I captured.
  19. ItzAtomic

    river0863 - bypass

    My IGN: ItzAtomicMC Offender: river0863 Offense: Bypassing the filter Evidence:
  20. ItzAtomic


    My ign: ItzAtomicMC Offender: Lamelia Offense: Swearing / Spam Evidence: