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  1. Unarmed1618

    Skygrid gamemode!

    How about do something about factions that just abandon it XD
  2. Unarmed1618

    asgard presents.......

    Asgard coming back???
  3. Unarmed1618

    Quitting skycade

    #AstroForManager #MakeFactionsBetterAgain
  4. Unarmed1618

    Voice your opinion!

    Kicking Out welshalex from the server
  5. Unarmed1618

    adios skycade amigos

    well cya crazy idk why im even replying to this since ill be joining you on that other server prob but whatever
  6. Unarmed1618

    Voice your opinion!

    you should not voice your opinions or welshalex will do the same he did to astro
  7. Unarmed1618


    My IGN:Unarmed1618 Offender's IGN:InfernoPl3x Offence:Bug Abuse Evidence:
  8. Unarmed1618

    SkyCade: ENDCADE (skycade artwork) [NO SPOILERS]

    This is quite good If you were to post this on the reddit it would get loads of upvotes and prob would get featured
  9. Unarmed1618

    News [News 3 ft.Erhip]

    This is just a copy of skycade weekly
  10. Unarmed1618


    +10 Really useful Thread
  11. Unarmed1618

    F for me

    F for me
  12. Unarmed1618

    Alt Limit

    My IGN:Unarmed1618 Platform: (Discord, server, forums).Server Punished by:Joostagram Reason:Alt Limit Date of punishment:5/5/2019 Why you should be unbanned/unmuted:I forgot about the alts that i had on 2 seasons ago Im sorry if i caused any trouble i really didnt mean to Like 2 months ago i had...
  13. Unarmed1618

    Factions Season 14!

    This season was so dead tbh
  14. Unarmed1618

    My thoughts on my Skycade Weekly Interview (explained)

    Oh really i didnt notice the cringe xd (im being sarcastic) good job on getting interviewed
  15. Unarmed1618

    Make it So You Can Only Buy A Suffix Once

    +1 I like this idea
  16. Unarmed1618

    illusion big ded

    F for illusion Cya delta it was nice trying to raid you sometimes hope to see you on skycade some time soon
  17. Unarmed1618

    Cosmic faction recruitment! | S13

    Format: IGN:You already know who (Unarmed1618 Gender Pineapple Time zone:UTC Discord (Required) : Loves the loved by loved#7290 Raiding skills:8.5 PVP skills:6 Building skills:5 Experience:been on for like 8 or more months.Been in Iron golems.Cosmic.starbucks.unknown. I can raid really well...
  18. Unarmed1618

    March Madness - Skycade Edition - Thread #6

  19. Unarmed1618


    My IGN:Unarmed1618 Offender's IGN:TheMagicai Offence Dm spam Evidence: