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  1. erhip

    The Rank Problem

    It doesnt state anywhere that diamond rank gives you "everything" thats just what you interpreted it to be. Thats because at the time of diamond ranks release, all of the listed perks, diamond had. Since then other perks have been released such as the custom suffix, noteblock songs, DJ rank in...
  2. erhip

    Dynasty Recruitment S15!

    Please keep this thread strictly for applying to the faction. Any further posts which aren't applications will be deleted and a warning point will be applied to your account.
  3. erhip

    appeal :)

    Thanks for your appealing. After talking through it, sara and myself have decided to give you one last chance. If you decide to break the rules again you will not be getting unbanned in the near future. Accepted, locked
  4. erhip

    uhm i think so, i think a professional handball player would know and will 100% take time to...

    uhm i think so, i think a professional handball player would know and will 100% take time to answer that question though.
  5. erhip

    what is your question

    what is your question
  6. erhip

    Ban Appeal

    This issue has been dealt with in your new thread Locked
  7. erhip

    for space only 👿

    Thanks for appealing. i hope you have learnt your lesson and please dont let this happen again. I have decided to fully reduce you. Accepted. Locked.
  8. erhip

    appeal x

    You have only just been muted, appeal at a later date for a possible reduce. Denied,Locked.
  9. erhip

    Ban Appeal

    Thanks for appealing, i have decided to give you another chance, dont let this happen again ! Accepted, Locked.
  10. erhip


    If you have changed your discord you can dm Space#0303 on discord telling her about this. I am going to lock this as i believe this issue has been resolved and it is in the wrong section on the forums. If you have any more questions feel free to dm me on here or on discord - erhip#0161 Locked.
  11. erhip

    Hot milk is the way to gooooooo

    Hot milk is the way to gooooooo
  12. erhip

    The History Of Skycade Project!

    Season 9 of factions and OPfactions began on 17th March 2018 and ended somewhere between the 26th May - 2nd June with the f top ending like this https://gyazo.com/3f71d98d6d2c01c4931bf4dbdcde6871 On another note you may struggle to find old posts as the forums got reset sometime in season 10...
  13. erhip

    buT THEY ARE !

    buT THEY ARE !
  14. erhip

    Ban appeal

    Im sorry however you will not be getting unbanned at this date, feel free to make an appeal in the future for a possible reduce. Denied,Locked.
  15. erhip


    This bug has already been reported to the devs. Thanks for reporting anyways. Locked.
  16. erhip

    I am extremely apologetic and sorry.

    Im sorry however you will not be getting unbanned, what you said was unnaceptable and you evaded multiple times ingame. Denied,Locked.
  17. erhip

    I dont know why i got banned again...

    You was banned from being reported here - https://skycade.net/threads/tesco-7292-dm-advertising-214.32005/ Locked.
  18. erhip

    smh bypass

    Thanks for reporting. Accepted. Locked.
  19. erhip

    Why Bcof was demoted and how biased it is

    Bcof firstly was demoted for the messages he sent to another member of staff, in these messages he was disrespectful to that said staff. This ontop of the numerous numerous other warnings he had including where he had to re-do his helper period. This was the last straw sorta thing. He then...
  20. erhip


    Thanks for reporting, this player has been punished ! Accepted,Locked.