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  1. AidenLikesPancakes

    making profile pictures

    hi yes i am a very good drawer i will be drawing people profile pictures, i will draw there minecraft skin. here are some examples of my work please reply if you want one and ill draw it k thanks
  2. AidenLikesPancakes

    Im Quitting.

    Im leaving this server. its full of jack fanboys, the server is dying because staff don't listen to the community. I haven't been happy on the server since 2018, its boring now and im leaving for good. thank you all for being here, I might still come on from time to time to make sure my pwarp...
  3. AidenLikesPancakes

    New to SMP, Looking for a place to live? Come Live In The Best Town On SMP!

    So I hear you are new to smp, or are looking for a place to live? well come to live in pwarp pancake! now I hear you ask, why should I live in pwarp pancake? Here are the reasons why you should live in pwarp pancake - Oldest Town on SMP (established October 2017) -600+ votes! -Biggest town on...
  4. AidenLikesPancakes

    make this an emoji on the skycade discord

    attention gamers, we need your help there is an emoji, which says no edaters but you can only use it if you have emerald rank, discord nitro or boost the server. (nitro boosters and emerald rank get perks to use external emojis) also you need to be in the server which has it. as there Is...
  5. AidenLikesPancakes

    aiden did a oopsie part 2

    My IGN: AidenLikePanckes Platform: (Discord, server, forums). Server Punished by: TinyViking Reason: Bug abuse/void jumping Date of punishment: 15/08/2019 (Got told to reappeal in 21 days) Why you should be unbanned/unmuted: Alright, ill explain, I was pvping in the skyblock area, I...
  6. AidenLikesPancakes

    pickup lines for the eboys of skycade

    I feel like I might get some warning points for this. are you not getting any egirls??? well then use these pickup lines and you will have all the egirls guaranteed! also reposted and removed "offensive pickup lines" Are you Aiden? Because I’d let you jump into my void any day are you...
  7. AidenLikesPancakes

    The Skycade Podcast Is NOT Over!

    You heard correctly! The Podcast is not over. I have talked to OfficialyCelled, and he has agreed to let me continue it. and that's what I will be doing! Some things will be changing! - The Podcast wont be weekly, sometimes It might but I will only do it when there is something has happened...
  8. AidenLikesPancakes

    aiden did an oopsie

    My IGN: AidenLikePanckes Platform: (Discord, server, forums). Server Punished by: Viking :( Reason: Void Jumping. Date of punishment: 15th August 2019 Why you should be unbanned/unmuted: Alright, so basically you know in the pvp area grinding for that top kills, as you do. and I was...
  9. AidenLikesPancakes

    /pwarp pancake is coming to Skyblock! (APPLY FOR ISLAND)

    Pancake Will be coming to Skyblock! If you don't know what pancake is, pancake is a town on SMP. it was established October 2017 on SMP 1.12.2, pancake has over 550+ votes and is the biggest town on SMP! But I also want to bring it to Skyblock. /pwarp pancake will include. SHOP COOL BUILD...
  10. AidenLikesPancakes

    that time i got banned while livestreaming

    Basically when I was a randy cringer squeaker I used to scream a lot in my livestreams, and swear a lot (which Is why I got told I wasn't allowed to advertise my streams as I was too toxic lol if anyone remembers that), thinking this was funny, thinking I was like cool or something idk. and then...
  11. AidenLikesPancakes

    haha this man spamming pp's

    My IGN: AidenLikesPancakes#3760 Offender's IGN: Go MINECRAFT#8751 Offence: Spam and being annoying Evidence:
  12. AidenLikesPancakes

    command spam what

    My IGN: AidenLikePanckes Platform: (Discord, server, forums). Server Punished by: Sara7645 Reason: command spam Date of punishment: 25/7/2019 Why you should be unbanned/unmuted: its going to get denied anyway for it only being 1 day but hear me out, its a false ban. i wouldn't call this command...
  13. AidenLikesPancakes


    If you remember, back in may i hosted the skycade 2019 awards, in that post i said i would do one in the summer every year, one in the winer and one annually, so i kept to my promise, and here it is, the skycade summer awards. this is so epic, vote in categories such as, best warp on sky block...
  14. AidenLikesPancakes

    AidenLikesPancakes Discord Ban Appeal 3

    My IGN: AidenLikesPancakes#3760 Platform: (Discord, server, forums). Discord Punished by: Tessie i think Reason: Swearing at somebody Date of punishment: 18th June 2019 (i think) Why you should be unbanned/unmuted: I appealed on the 9th of july, 9 days earlier than i should of, which meant...
  15. AidenLikesPancakes

    get nae nae'd xddd

    My IGN: AidenLikePanckes Offender's IGN: TitanicPower Offence: Spam Evidence:
  16. AidenLikesPancakes

    make like a option where you can toggle swearing on

    basically lads, had a lil idea, so basically swearing is censored on skycade but i think a command where you can turn the censorship on so you can see swearing. if a new player logs on, swearing is automatically turned off, but if they use the command for example /togglelanguage (on or off) so...
  17. AidenLikesPancakes

    AidenLikesPancakes Discord Ban Appeal

    My IGN: AidenLikesPancakes#1234 Platform: (Discord, server, forums). Discord Punished by: I don't know who it was it does not tell you on discord Reason: Swearing and having a go at someone who admitted to abusing there younger brother. Date of punishment: 18/6/2019 Why you should be...
  18. AidenLikesPancakes

    on a lil break

    8 days ago I appealed my discord ban, got told to wait a month, fair enough. I deserved my ban and I need to suffer the consequences basically im leaving, im off on a little break. my mental health is getting worse and to be honest I have more I need to focus on in real life, *job, football...
  19. AidenLikesPancakes

    banned for telling a clown what i think.

    My IGN: AidenLikesPancakes#1234 Platform: (Discord, server, forums). Discord Punished by: I don't know, its discord lol Why you should be unbanned: Alright. I will start off by saying. yes I was in the wrong for swearing and having a go at this guy, but I was really annoyed at him. this man...
  20. AidenLikesPancakes

    hey it wasnt spam

    My IGN: AidenLikePanckes Platform: (Discord, server, forums). server Punished by: @Joostagram Reason: spam Date of punishment: today Why you should be unbanned/unmuted: in my opinion it wasn't spam ive seen people spam more, get reported and get denied. it wasn't spam because it was only 4...