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  1. GreenDragon2014

    On behalf on my brother *second attempt*

    My IGN: Ender Creeper14#7858 Platform: (Discord, server, forums): Discord Punished by: No clue Reason: I think only for inappropriate language... I really hope so. Date of punishment: I think on the 26th, cause that was the day my brother locked me out of my account. Why you should be...
  2. GreenDragon2014

    On my brother’s behalf

    My IGN: GreenDraggo (still alive)#7858 Platform: (Discord, server, forums): Discord Punished by: No clue Reason: I’m guessing and hoping only inappropriate language, as it was my brother who was on my account Date of punishment: I think it was on the 26th, as that was the same day I discovered...
  3. GreenDragon2014

    I got my Discord back.. for now

    After all the drama, I finally got access to my Discord account. I think it may be locked soon because I saw/heard that people reported it to Discord’s Trust and Safety Team, which is very understandable, and I legit thank those who’ve actually did take action. I’ll deal with that when the time...
  4. GreenDragon2014

    Watch out

    My brother locked me out of my Discord account and he may have access to my Minecraft accounts. Until I make another thread, if you get a message from my Discord GreenDraggo (Still Alive)#7858 or see any of my accounts online, GreenDraggo, LightfulShine, or BulliedKoala, that’s not me. So yeah...
  5. GreenDragon2014

    Lag Machine

    My IGN: GreenDragon2014 Offender's IGN: 0TheBlackArrow0 Offence: Lag Machine Evidence: Screeshots attached below
  6. GreenDragon2014

    Should I Semi-Retire From SMP

    I can no longer log onto SMP, without feeling pain and an urge to want to kill myself. I'm not going into detail, but this year has been almost nothing but bad luck for me, with a few sweet moments. I'm just going to cut to the chase, IDK if I can continue on SMP. Too much pain to deal with, and...
  7. GreenDragon2014

    I've Ironically Have Never made An Intro

    So yeah. I'm Drago, AKA GreenDragon2014. I'm 16. I mainly play SMP. I've been with Skycade since March 27th, 2018. Uhh, I have no life, so I'm on Skycade, the forums, and DIscord like 24/7. I really enjoy helping people out, and I'm trying to shake off my 'rando' stage in life. Is there anything...
  8. GreenDragon2014

    Buff Diamond and MVP Rank

    After discussion on Discord, I would suggest buffing Diamond and MVP. Especially MVP, they’re both expensive and don’t add that many benefits. I don’t have MVP, so I’m not sure about all the benefits, but with Diamond, the only 2 benefits that I can think about that make it worth it, are the...
  9. GreenDragon2014

    Add a Feature Where It Will Tell You Who Sent You a Pet, Please

    It would be so helpful. I just, Idk what to say anymore. Is there a way for a mod or admin to track who sent the dog? It was obviously a Diamond rank, but I doubt anything can be done. Doesn't matter, at the end. I will admit, as someone who can handle being harassed and insulted, this hurts...
  10. GreenDragon2014

    Please fix /back

    I was digging sand in the water, as I needed a crap ton of sand for a glass roof so pesky players can leave my auto-sugarcane farm alone, and Spectrum decides to hiccup and I lose connection. I logged back in almost immediately, and I died and lost the many stacks of sand I dug, and my OP...
  11. GreenDragon2014

    I Need To Let Some Things Off My Chest (This May Come Off As Deep)

    I'm Drago, AKA GreenDragon2014. I'm 16 and already tired of living life. I've done my best to help others out in the best of my abilities. Despite me being, well-broken inside for the longest, I try my best to brighten others' days, so they can stay away from the dark pit that I'm in. For the...
  12. GreenDragon2014

    A Christmas Smile

    My IGN: GreenDragon2014 Offenders IGNs: Daren Walder and ender_lord1223 Offence: Being creepy and possibly using KA Desp. of offence: basically, this random green serpent was minding his own business, 360 no-scoping off buildings, when he encountered Daren Walder. Naturally, I decided to...
  13. GreenDragon2014

    Spam/Inappropriate Language

    My IGN: GreenDragon2014 Offender's IGN: xxxTentacigone69 Offence: Spam/Inappropriate Language Evidence: 4 Screenshots **Edit: A few minutes after I created this thread, celxstial tempmuted him.
  14. GreenDragon2014

    Bypass/Inappropriate Language

    My IGN: GreenDragon2014 Offender's IGN: AmericanSheep Offence: Bypass/Inappropriate Language Evidence:
  15. GreenDragon2014

    Tarnished Record

    (Disclaimer, this thread is mostly a joke, and I am not angry, nor am I salty or attacking anyone. This is mostly for humor. I actually found this situation funny) So, I reported the user, Sniper0001 for griefing on SMP, with proof provided-...
  16. GreenDragon2014

    The heck?

    My IGN: GreenDragon2014 Platform: Server Punished by: Noto1472 Reason: Griefing, Stealing, Illegal Items [Report] Date of punishment: 12/18/2018 Why you should be unbanned/unmuted: I was wrongfully banned, I reported a player by the name of Sniper0001 for griefing, and I got banned for griefing...
  17. GreenDragon2014

    Sniper0001 raiding/griefing (SMP)

    My IGN: GreenDragon2014 Offender's IGN: Sniper0001 Offence: Raiding/griefing + admitting to raiding/griefing (SMP) Evidence: A YouTube video (sorry that it seems that my skill was a little underwhelming in this video. I was very tired at the time, but still wanted to try to help)
  18. GreenDragon2014


    My IGN: GreenDragon2014 Offender's IGN: CottonCrusher Offence: Spam/Bypass/Inappropriate Language Evidence: 3 Screenshots
  19. GreenDragon2014


    My IGN: GreenDragon2014 Offender's IGN: HaederTheToast Offence: Spam/Possibly a bot Evidence: 2 screenshots
  20. GreenDragon2014

    bones78 hacking

    My IGN: GreenDragon2014 Offender's IGN: bones78 Offence: Hacks/Admitting to Hacks Evidence: