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  1. HugoDoesStuff

    Photos of the Skyblock spawn under construction

    Hey everyone! Here are some pictures of the spawn I took while building it. Enjoy :D
  2. HugoDoesStuff

    How to use the Armor Stand Editor (Creative)

    _____________________________________________ Hello everyone! This thread is guide for the Armor Stand Editor! (skycade creative) _____________________________________________ What is the Armor Stand Editor? The Armor Stand Editor enables you to create poses, scenes, holograms, and much more...
  3. HugoDoesStuff

    Creative plot recovery service [unofficial]

    _______________________________ Hey everyone! Confused on how to save your creative plot? No worries! I've noticed a lot of you don't really know how to save your plots and/or not very familiar with world edit schematics. So for these people, I decided to create a plot saving service...
  4. HugoDoesStuff

    Art requests (I will draw your Minecraft skin FOR FREE)

    Helooo Yesterday I got a new drawing tablet for myself because I like drawing irl, if you would like your Minecraft skin to be drawn by an artist with a professional background please follow this format: name: (HugoDoesStuff) Epic gamer name: (HugoDoesOwO) Details: (make my skin beeautifal pls)...
  5. HugoDoesStuff

    the most ambitious chain ever

    hello hello yesterday we made the biggest chain of iispace and welshalex skins ever on skycade. enjoy
  6. HugoDoesStuff

    been like the shortest while but hey I'm back :D

    Hello hello! It's been 3 weeks since I've left Skycade, 5 weeks since I resigned from builder, but I've now decided to come back and work here again! I just needed a break from all the things happening around me. April was not my month. I was feeling sad for no reason for a good amount of...
  7. HugoDoesStuff

    iiSpace : The anime

    One last meme before I go :( This week, iiSpace the anime!!! As always thanks to everyone for tuning into the premiere :D also feel free to subscribe so you won't miss any of these ;D;D
  8. HugoDoesStuff

    The philosophy of WelshAlex

    ITS :clap: BEEN :clap: LIKE :clap: 2 :clap: MONTHS :clap: SINCE :clap: I :clap: LAST :clap: MADE :clap: ONE :clap: OF :clap: THESE :clap: THREADS :clap: WELCOME BACK EVERYONE Its been a while, but the memes are bACK Now let me introduce you to The Philosophy of WelshAlex A video packed with...
  9. HugoDoesStuff

    discord appeal

    My IGN: HugoDoesStuff Platform: (Discord, server, forums). Discord Punished by: big meanie eyeyespayce Reason: made space threw up because I posted cursed food images Date of punishment: today Why you should be unbanned/unmuted: Im very sorry here picture of good food Screenshot of punishment...
  10. HugoDoesStuff


    hello hi heyyyy Here's this weeks video!! sorry if its completely off schedule, but this was supposed to be posted a long long time ago oof As always thanks to everyone who tuned into the premiere :D and yes, eggplant next is still in the works, be patient!!!! Still recruiting people for the...
  11. HugoDoesStuff


    The original video got a lot of attention, as it is actually the most viewed video on my channel haha! Here's a part two of this insane editing :eek: Thanks to everyone that tuned into the premiere! Enjoy!
  12. HugoDoesStuff

    Jack and Wilbur in a nutshell but identity plot twist

    Hello hi hey In yesterday's video, jack included the beautiful, amazing and magical video in the whole universe; "Jack has a mental breakdown" This left a noticeable mark on the video itself leading to everyone in the comments talking about it, thinking wilbur was behind this ;'( Every human on...
  13. HugoDoesStuff

    it wasn't Wilbur :0

    :eek: :0 jack used a clip from my "Jack has a mental breakdown" video and people think it's the soot guy how can people believe that
  14. HugoDoesStuff


    real abuse not clickbait
  15. HugoDoesStuff

    THE WELSH - Trailer [2018] [HD]

    You monster, your heart's an empty hole! Beware, as jack will steal your presents for Christmas! Was premiered 10 mins ago, thanks to everyone who came to watch! This video took ages to edit (like 8 whole days), eeeeeee Hope you enjoy, and I wish to you all a merry Christmas!
  16. HugoDoesStuff


    Hello! I have to write this quick because it's 3am in the morning and if mom finds out I'm in trouble :o yes, wishes!!!! You people have been many to submit your wishes through the wish pipe in each and every (considerably active) game mode! (except Skyblock-e I'M SORRY SPAWN IS COMING...
  17. HugoDoesStuff


  18. HugoDoesStuff

    Jackriah Carey - All I want for Christmas is you

    all I want for Christmas is jack to see this thread these videos take ages to make ;-; Yet another magical video just for you guys! Did you know Jack could play many more music instruments? Enjoy!
  19. HugoDoesStuff

    Connection status page on the Skycade website

    Pretty self-explanatory, a page on the website that would allow people to see if Skycade's connection is healthy or not (maybe a little like this one) so we don't have to freak out in discord every time this happens lol Here's an example
  20. HugoDoesStuff

    Fanmail video but jack has a mental breakdown

    This took me 8 days to edit enjoy!