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  1. reader1001

    Nice job for mod! know where I can apply?

    Nice job for mod! know where I can apply?
  2. reader1001

    just realised im in one of jacks vids

    Good job! Really pointless, but its a point of shoutout! (*_*)
  3. reader1001

    TheSpies ~ Classic Factions S11!

    1. My IGN: reader1001 2. Have you ever insided? No idea what that is 3. Do you have discord? no, but I do have gmail 5. Timezone: USA 6. How many hours can you play on a weekday? 20 min to 2 1/2 hrs on weekdays, and around 6-7 hrs on weekend 6. Sale at how good you are at pvp on a scale of...
  4. reader1001

    Broken Blocks

    The blocks are sometimes invisible to my layer and I will go straight trough, and sometimes when I am afk right next to a lock, it will glitch al little bit of me in
  5. reader1001

    just realised im in one of jacks vids

    What ur IGN?
  6. reader1001

    who is your favourite resigned staff?

    I dont relley know... I just found this page because I wanted to know how to apply for staff!
  7. reader1001


    My IGN: reader1001 Platform: Server: (prisions) Punished By: N/A; I was not banned, I just acedenly did something reason: I should be unbanned because I did not know that asking if you are in the dab police (see dans's video: ) is spam. Date of Punishment: 9/27/18 Screenshot of punishment: N/A
  8. reader1001

    ProfessorSlimez introduction :)

    I hoep u have a great time on th forums! enjoy skycadee!
  9. reader1001


    Im sorry, I didn't know that asking if ur in the dab police is spam..... sorry
  10. reader1001


    Im reporting TheDonMon for scamming. I wondered how much it is obsidian worth and the don mon replied 10k; then when I said ill sell it 10.5 k he said 5k Even if he does"t get reported for, that, I'm still in shock
  11. reader1001

    Note to Im sorry

    Again, I am going to wait it out, and pls, don't stop reading this right now, I actually was choking. I was having some water and then I just started choking, I'm ok, but I just want to point that out.
  12. reader1001


  13. reader1001

    Im sorry

    Hello, my in game username is rader1001, and I am sorry for spamming. I am a new player on Skycade, and came from jack: I heard a few warnings, but didn't listen, I hope this will not happen again