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  1. GEnderDragon


    Thanks for reporting! Accepted, locked.
  2. GEnderDragon

    Swearing in chat

    Thanks for reporting! Accepted, locked.
  3. GEnderDragon

    ryiey false banned

    As it states in the rules, butterfly clicking is not allowed. Appeal in 3 weeks for a possible reduce. Denied.
  4. GEnderDragon

    Ryiey false banned?

  5. GEnderDragon

    player on skyblock bypassing swearing and innapp language

    Please use the correct format for reporting: My IGN: Offender's IGN: Offence: Evidence: And attach an imgur link with the evidence and supply it in a new thread please! Locked.
  6. GEnderDragon

    is griefing, targeted harassment: AHorseSaysQuack

    Hmm, no pictures seem to be attached. Try uploading images to imgur and linking them in a new thread please! Locked.
  7. GEnderDragon

    ANewhope take 2

    Accepted, locked.
  8. GEnderDragon

    innap plot

    I just checked, it’s no longer there if it was his plot. And the other tan coloured pillars that are on his plot are part of a build. Denied, locked.
  9. GEnderDragon

    Ban appeal, VR

  10. GEnderDragon

    Skycade Weekly [Week 80]

    Thread always looks amazing, awesome work! And can’t say congrats enough to Quora, great to have him back ☺️
  11. GEnderDragon

    all i did was stand there

    You were still accompanying him knowing what was going on. Denied, locked.
  12. GEnderDragon


    Thanks for reporting! (your fov, my poor, poor eyes) Accepted, locked. <3
  13. GEnderDragon


    Thanks for reporting! (your fov D: ) Accepted, locked.
  14. GEnderDragon


  15. GEnderDragon

    Lunaaxx & Diegobestdog

    Thanks for reporting! Accepted, locked.
  16. GEnderDragon

    Surprisingly I actually can relate

    Surprisingly I actually can relate
  17. GEnderDragon

    HowDepressing Targeting

    Thanks for reporting! Accepted, locked.
  18. GEnderDragon

    Ban Appeal

  19. GEnderDragon

    Inna Language

    Screenshots must be your full screen to be sufficient, thanks for reporting anyways! Denied, locked.
  20. GEnderDragon


    Thanks for reporting! This user has been punished accordingly Accepted, locked <3