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  1. Duckowap

    hi again, any ogs still here?

    I haven't played the server or minecraft in general for like a year but I still exist lol
  2. Duckowap

    Hi! I am mercilessbanned.

  3. Duckowap

    give diamond rank + /fly

    Skycade is legitimately already p2w with the current perm packs, it would just be giving these perms to a rank.
  4. Duckowap

    How do i sell stuff in faction

    /warp shop then right click on the npc
  5. Duckowap

    I have some concerns...

    Helper is a trial period, if the helpers mentor does not see that they are fit to become a mod after a month they are demoted. So the helper you interacted with was just a new staff and if they keep that sort of stuff up they might not have the best shot at becoming a mod.
  6. Duckowap


    is that the Fallen_captain
  7. Duckowap

    A special rank for former staff members

    Honestly as an ex-mod for over a year, I'm kinda in the middle with this idea, like being a staff member is enough of a privilege for most but it would be a nice way to salute those who helped out the server.
  8. Duckowap

    hey! I am new to the server and I got a couple questions about factions

    There have been ftop payouts before but in this current season the rewards are suffixes, I'm pretty sure this season's is an S16 or 17 tag, not quite sure what season it is. The ftop payouts just weren't financially viable for skycade. You see the main reason servers have ftop payouts is to get...
  9. Duckowap


    I've seen this work on other servers such as Hypixel and other smaller servers but I feel that the current system works fine. If the application system was remade from the ground up I could see this being added but at this point in time there's no point.
  10. Duckowap

    Repetitive Forums Thread

    Y'all probably know me, but if you don't I'm Duckowap, I'm an ex mod so I kinda know how some of this stuff at least used to work. The topic of this thread is repetitive "Taking a break" or "Quitting" threads. There are far too many of these on the forums. People who may only be leaving for a...
  11. Duckowap

    I kinda be dead if Y'all were wondering, yet I'm still on top posts and likes board

    I kinda be dead if Y'all were wondering, yet I'm still on top posts and likes board
  12. Duckowap

    I will draw you arts

    I love fallen_captain
  13. Duckowap

    Twas' Fun

    Hide and seek
  14. Duckowap

    Resistance / Germany comeback recruitment (S16)

    We bouta dupe again
  15. Duckowap

    What is the average age of Skycade?

    I'd honestly say somewhere in the realm of 12 or 13.
  16. Duckowap

    It’s been fun

    lad you make me sad
  17. Duckowap

    Who do u think is a mini mod??

    legit imagine minimodding, just apply and if your app doesn't get accepted then chill the fuck out
  18. Duckowap


  19. Duckowap

    just end season 15

    and that's what kitmap's for, bridging the gap between faction seasons
  20. Duckowap

    A thread to remember the fallen.
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