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  1. PigMatt

    New staff rule

    Require new staff members to have a introduction. I don’t know who half of these new people are lmao
  2. PigMatt

    You can’t ignore us forever

    I and others I’ve asked haven’t seen a single response to any of these threads or comments about the unbans etc. I’ve talked to mods and seniors who were shocked and clearly they don’t know what’s fully going on. Your killing your server so myself and others expect replies devs/admins+...
  3. PigMatt


    ideas pls do lol FORUMS: - The status text is too dark - Add "members" and "applications" to navigation bar - Add a competitions section for build/art comps - fix this, just fix this - Change netherite rank color. STORE: - Change the item...
  4. PigMatt


    i had the best idea ever? instead of just selling unbans and unmutes, buy PUNISHMENT RESETS. fOR THE cheap price of like 500$ you can unban and unmute everyone and clear everyones history - matt
  5. PigMatt

    I think this might help?

    Add 2 sub-categories to the suggestion form Denied suggestions Accepted suggestions This would hopefully make people feel that suggestions are not ignored and know that the team still cares about the server.
  6. PigMatt

    new confirmed owner

    Hey everyone! I have been confirmed as skycade's new owner by @iiSpace as seen in this direct message. Here is a list of plans and changes i'm making. Staff changes: I'd like to congratulate @500iq got srmod also we have demoted berlinalt because they go over the alt limit ofc! @Delno_ also...
  7. PigMatt


    So, skygrid is gone. It wasn't that popular but I'd like to hear any memories you have from it. What did you think of it when it started compared to recently? Hope you stay safe :) - PigM
  8. PigMatt

    pigmatts suggestion which is very good so please do it

    Okay, so I just read the rules today and saw this under the malicious hacks section. I do not think admitting to a builder should be sufficient proof to ban for malicious hacks. Builders are not moderators and do not have moderator permissions. They are not staff so should not be treated as...
  9. PigMatt

    Illusion - Factions S16

    Illusion's Application If you are interested in joining Illusion, you can apply here or on our discord server. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to post our discord link here. DM a Faction Mod+ for the link. Real replies are only from @DeltaBlade @ironStark101 @weirdguy101 and @PigMatt...
  10. PigMatt

    2 epic kitpvp suggestions

    Gang Names: Add a command to change the name of your gang. It's annoying to disband and re-create with a new name. Voting Auto Alert: If I'm honest, having the vote for rewards on KitPVP is a scam if there aren't voting rewards on kitpvp. Remove the alerts or add voting rewards on KitPVP.
  11. PigMatt

    Inactive Factions

    The number of inactive factions with all members who haven't been on in more than a month is growing. I've seen many factions with no members for 70+ days! I'm suggesting they re-add the feature where inactive factions are automatically disbanded. A faction should be considered inactive if no...
  12. PigMatt

    AntiCheat is NOT Sufficient

    Hey! Having the anti-cheat alerts as sufficient, is dumb. There is a 100% chance, you are false banning players. Is it really that hard to teleport to them and watch? This is even worst, taon is saying the number is "close enough"...
  13. PigMatt

    Goodbye 2019 + Happy 2020

    So, it’s basically the end of the year. Happy new year to those who are already in 2020! What’s your favourite moment of 2019 and what do you want to see happen in 2020 on the server? I honestly, don’t know. Lots of fun & not so fun times this year :)
  14. PigMatt

    PigMatt's KitPvP Suggestions

    KIT RELATED IDEAS These suggestions are regarding kits. Zeuz Kit: - Increase the Chance of Lightning. Build UHC: - Change Block Removal to 3 Seconds. Hulk: - Remove the Slowness - Reduce the Cooldown to 10 Seconds. Hydra & Cerberus: - Remove all Potion Affects after Leaving Lava/Water and...
  15. PigMatt

    Beta Testing...

    Hello! Today I am going to be discussing this quote: Okay, I am happy there will be another beta. That is a good thing. However, It says the second hour will be open to all players and the first hour will be all ranks. This is unfair and kinda a scam. One of the few diamond rank perms is beta...
  16. PigMatt

    Skyblock Island

    Hey! Please reply to questions honestly! Replies from @apartmentalize and me. —————— Minecraft Name: Discord Name: Timezone: Do you have any Alts?: Do you have the Perm Pack?: How long have you been on Skycade?: What makes you better then the others?: Rate your Building Skills (1-10): Rate your...
  17. PigMatt

    More options in /report

    Currently, there are only 9 options on the /report GUI I believe Skycade should add some more. Ads Targeting F Fly Abuse Evading Inappropriate Skin/Name Griefing / Scamming
  18. PigMatt


    My suggestion is to allow PVP on the blue area of spawn at the bottom of the stairs. To prevent being able to escape combat, make the stairs kinda drop and fall onto it. Just a little thing i would like to see.
  19. PigMatt

    Fix the Server Rules <3

    So uhh, the server rules don't mention many things that are punishable. Some are common sense but still should be added if it is punishable and players are being banned for. Many people have noticed skycade has lots of unwritten rules and I've seen staff agree with that!! As all my suggestions...
  20. PigMatt

    Appealing System <3

    Hello! Currently, as you should know there are issues with Skycade’s punishment [specifically appeal] system do I decided to make this thread which has the goal of improving it. Point 1 - The main issue is bias. It is up to the punisher and 1 other mod. The punisher is likely to have a opinion...
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