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  1. Buryings

    Netherite forum Rank!

    Hey! Been a while since I have posted something in this forum section, though here we go... I would like to ask when "Netherite" will be added the the forum ranks? It makes sense afterall, the rest of the ranks are here :) Hope this soon gets added!
  2. Buryings

    I built a thing on creative

    hope you like it
  3. Buryings

    The ban message!

    Hey hey! I recently just sparked the idea of changing up the ban message a little. I believe you should remove the actual punisher of the player since it could help prevent targeting and hatred for that specific staff member (punisher). So perhaps changing it to something like: "Banned by...
  4. Buryings

    Wyvern/Dragon Lair

  5. Buryings

    Snowy Build

    Hey guys, I built another thing, not sure what else to add to this build apart from Snow, Ice... and.. more Ice? You can visit the build by doing /p h Buryings 2, on creative
  6. Buryings

    Another pretty epic build :)

  7. Buryings

    Practising building!

    So, I have been urged to want to move the Building side of minecraft and so, have been practising little bits on creative. Feel free to leave your opinions below :D
  8. Buryings

    Skycade Discord: Frequently Asked Questions

    Hello Skycade! I am making this post to answer most frequently asked questions around the skycade discord server, there are lots of people asking similar questions and so it would be pretty good if you could find everything to their questions in one place. If you believe that I have missed...
  9. Buryings

    KitPvP Event suggestion

    I was thinking, as i was talking to other players in the skycade discord ranks channel, about the enderdragon and it sparked the idea for an event in KitPvP or maybe factions. So to start off, with there being empty bits at kitpvp spawn (like the attached image), maybe at a certain time just...
  10. Buryings

    Happy Pride Month Skycade!

    Heya, Happy pride month to the LGTBQ+ Community of skycade. You’re supported and are a bunch of great people :) Have a good month
  11. Buryings

    Skycade Discord Suggestion(s)

    Hello hello! I recently came up with the idea of having more community based channels in the skycade discord. This is so, the community can get-together and share what skills and ability they have. Since there is an "Art" channel, even though it's just for skycade related things, maybe there...
  12. Buryings

    It's time for a poll

    I'm making this thread and poll to have the debatable discussion of whether which client people prefer to play skycade with. This is to find out which one has more optimisation and is more skycade-friendly across the network
  13. Buryings

    Unofficial Skycade Guide (2020) - By Buryings

    ** This guide to skycade is mainly for new players which have recently joined skycade. Though, you are free to suggest changes, or for me to add things in if everything wasn't covered in this post. ** THE GUIDE TO: SKYCADE Minecraft server Info: IP Address: Skycade Store...
  14. Buryings

    I created a NightVision plugin! (This is pretty simple) :P

    eyo! I just wanted to share my code for my nightvision plugin, bare in mind; this plugin, is a simple plugin. Not too advanced. It's just something which i would like to share to also possibly show some people if they are wondering how to do a certain method, add a player potion effect etc...
  15. Buryings

    End of the christmas Holidays :(

    Guys it's the end of the christmas holidays, unforunately... We all had a good time, I bet, playing, hanging around with friends, spending time with family; but all good things must come to an end School will be round the corner, and we'll be back to doing our usual routines. Hope you all had...
  16. Buryings

    Merry Christmas eve skycade!

    Heyyyoooo! Boys and girls, It's the day, 24th December, before santa visits your homes to bring you your presents, gifts and gadgets which you have been desperately asking for! ( Even if you don't believe in santa, do it for the little guys/gals to uprise their christmas spirits! ) ᴍᴇʀʀʏ...
  17. Buryings

    Skycade minecraft In game names (idk lol)

    Hello hello... I am here to just make a little post which could be quite helpful! If you guys are wanting to change your Minecraft name to whatever, I have done some research on finding igns related to skycade. Here's the list so far: #1 - SkycadeStats #2 - SkycadeKills #3 - SkycadePvP #4 -...
  18. Buryings

    Add a risk message on non-perm Purchasable items!

    Hey hey! With the KitPvP reset coming soon, I just wanted to point out, with the Server rest happening, the kits will too. However, When people may pay for Kit keys to get kits, they may think it will be permanent; This was thought by myself, so i am just putting it out there. When you go to...
  19. Buryings

    Introducing the 'Skycade Coin'

    Helloo! ( Yes, this may seem pointless (HA GET IT?), but oh well ) I just decide to come up with an idea of a British coin related to skycade, Here's the image of what the Coin may look like (Attached Image) If someone gets inspiration from this, It would be really cool if someone could make...
  20. Buryings

    100 Forum Messages!

    Hey fellow peeps! I have now reached 100 forum messages, and it's an honour to share it with you. i just wanted to say making this forum brings people closer, together and gives people chance to make friends such as myself, I started out with no friends, not knowing who people was on skycade...
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