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  1. 8oq

    Metro boomin want some more yeah - Skippen

    Metro boomin want some more yeah - Skippen
  2. 8oq


  3. 8oq


    Skippen penis
  4. 8oq

    It’s been fun

    that moment when you dont see your @ : (
  5. 8oq

    Whats the best and worst part of Skyblock

    im necroposting get heated
  6. 8oq

    Im quitting

    That was mostly cus I was muted for over a year and I kept getting muted afterword
  7. 8oq

    Im quitting

    You play facs? not on skycade tho
  8. 8oq

    Im quitting

    I might
  9. 8oq

    Im quitting

    And its since on every post you have there is a grammar error how old are you?
  10. 8oq

    Im quitting

  11. 8oq

    server IP

    Not you
  12. 8oq

    Dlyn is quitting

  13. 8oq

    Im quitting

    thats reasonable to new players havent played in awhile.
  14. 8oq

    server IP

    I still dislike you
  15. 8oq

    Im quitting

    Sorry to the people I made hate me adios amigos
  16. 8oq

    Im quitting

    not active enough or entertaining hml when skycade becomes fun again or adds strafe @ Clap#1894 Its Skippen
  17. 8oq

    Dlyn is quitting

    how are you gonna use dlyn as clickbait? maybe cus no one cares you are quiting and need attention? idk gl with your daddy issues
  18. 8oq

    The Grand Faction illusion is recruiting

    IGN:NeedNicotine (Changing back to Skippen) Age:13 Gender:Male Timezone:NAE Do You Have Discord:Yes (Clap#1234) Do you have a working microphone:Yes On a scale to 1-10 how good are you at pvp: One of the best players on kitpvp 9 On a scale to 1-10 how good are you at building:6 On a scale of...
  19. 8oq

    I'm back, but not really (Insert Wink Emoji)

    Excuse me I dont think I have ever seen you on kitpvp so idk....
  20. 8oq

    Off On An Adventure(?)

    were am I jack ass
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