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  1. YS8

    Leaving and that

    Yeah so, probably leaving skycade. Not sure if anyone cares that much but just wanted say its been an amazing run and everyone I've met has been absolutely amazing <3 Over the past couple weeks my enjoyment for the server and minecraft in general has just vanished and I've moved on to other...
  2. YS8


    The faction of Krypt is Recruiting, Lead by swagister, we are currently a 18 man roster and hoping to expand! I myself is currently in Berlin with 16 million points, and was in unknown during there f top 1 phase, So I know a bit about factions. We are currently in need of: - Grinders -...
  3. YS8

    For factions S15 please remove God creeper egg

    If anyone doesnt know what these do basically they are creeper eggs that allow for them to blow up even with water. I think this is just in a way taking the point out of factions and ruining the fun for people who cannot afford obsidian walls, and without those your pretty much one tap and...
  4. YS8

    Remove shulker boxes from lunar crates (skyblock)

    They are useless imo you can buy them for the shop for $1000, why should they be in a crate you have to pay irl money for
  5. YS8

    At least improve the AAC anticheat

    I get the argument that a proper anti cheat could lead to false bans and i'm not saying to change that, but a server with this magnitude should not be using an outdated anti cheat like this, its probably safe to say there are a lot of well known players using ghost clients or auto clicking...
  6. YS8

    Small chance to get ranks in a mystery or lunar crate key

    A lot of other servers do this and it seems like something that skycade could add for players who maybe cant afford ranks or don't want to buy one
  7. YS8

    Island chat

    Have a command similar to the one in factions where you can talk to only your is members once executing a command, i believe this would organise chat a bit more and would be easier for island members to communicate working on things.
  8. YS8

    Mute suggestion

    If your muted and someone says your name in chat or pms you, have a bot or something to say that this player is muted, too many times has someone tried to talk to me and they think I'm ignoring them for no reason or afk when I'm not. It would just make everything a lot easier for people who are...
  9. YS8

    Pearling in claims not being allowed is ridiculous

    I have never seen a faction server do this before, how are you even meant to do anything without pearling in claims. If the skybase is claimed how are you meant to pearl to it once you have cannoned in??? Can we atleast get informed on when it will come back.
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